The Henna Page Mission Statement


"They come to you from all places."

It is the mission of The Henna Page,,  to collect and disseminate the most accurate and complete research possible on henna's history, traditions, art and science, to the widest possible audience. will offer free information to people on henna techniques, history, and traditions, so all can enjoy the body art that people have cherished for thousands of years. Through this, it is hoped that will faciliate people's appreciation and understanding of diverse cultures.

Henna has many origins and traditions.  Henna has been used for up to 9000 years by people in over 60 countries for celebration, well-being, luck, devotion, sexuality and sacrifice.  Henna has been part of the the social and folk traditions of Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Christianity, Buddhism, and many other religions.  Henna has been used to ornament and bless women, men, children, animals and objects.  Henna has been used to bring luck, to deter evil, to comfort the sick, to celebrate a marriage, to sanctify a blood sacrifice, to celebrate an enemy's defeat, to cast or break a curse, to repel or invite supernatural beings, to bless an infant beginning life and to prepare a person for death and afterlife. 

At present, global immigration, transportation and communication changes have introduced henna techniques and traditions to countries and people where henna was unknown before.  Henna practices are changing rapidly, and more people want to learn about henna ... its history, traditions, art and science. 

The Henna Page,, has brought henna information to more people than any other single source since its beginning in 1996.  It is presently the largest and most active henna website on the internet, utilized by artists, educators, researchers, physicians and lawyers needing sources of reliable information on henna.  The theme, "They come to you from all places" is an expression of the diversity of people who come to The Henna Page,  their differing approaches and interests in henna ... as well an expression of the diversity of henna's history and traditions. 

The Henna Page is currently owned and managed by Catherine Cartwright-Jones, who is renovating it with the mission of making the most complete possible henna information resource, gradually building an online "Encyclopedia of Henna". 

The Farsi style calligraphy, 
"They come to you from all places" 
is from "The Art of Arabic Calligraphy" 
by Dr. Y. M. Ghulam, 1982.
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