Black Henna Results

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Posted by Sarah on November 03, 1999 at 14:23:45:

While in Venice, CA three weeks ago, my teammates and I decided to get
some henna done. We mistakenly were unaware of the ill effects of the
black henna. Almost two weeks after the had been applied, a couple of
us broke out in a rash. This was only after all evidence of the henna
was gone. My rash became increasingly red and more itchy. My teammate
found this site. We were immediately worried, but we were disappointed
that none of the messages contained any follow-up information. Well,
yesterday we went to the doctor about it. She gave up both an oral and
topical form of steroids. She believes it will conteract our own
body's reaction to the chemicals from the henna. I have only applied
the ointment three times and taken the pills once, but I can already
seem an inprovement that the hydrocortizone I was using didn't
provide. I recommend going to a doctor if you have been similarly
fooled by the black henna. The medication wasn't that expensive and
the doctor believes that with fast treatment, there shouldn't be too
much scarring if any at all.
We are also writing to the Chamber of Commerece in Venice to let them
know of this information. I likewise encourage anyone else who has
been affected by the black henna to do the same.


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