Crimeny! I never felt my claws come out and hackles rise so quick...

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Posted by Giselle on July 26, 2000 at 00:39:33:

In Reply to: Black heena is NOT harmful posted by Skyy on July 25, 2000 at 15:58:20:

I'm sorry to tell you this, but you are exactly the target we are
aiming at.

I am a mother as well and I WILL NEVER teach my children to go to the
extreme of harming other innocent people just so we could eat. You
are killing the very goose that is laying your golden eggs. Be an
advocate for safe natural passionate red henna. Who knows, you might
INCREASE your business through informing the public of the dangers
of "black" henna and through REPEAT business. I'm talking about long
term repeat business.

Ask yourself, really ask yourself, if you are not doing any damage.
You are in a tourist area, tourists are gone out of county or state
by the time their black henna is gone and something more sinister is
replaced. And how do they know how to get back into contact with you?
You are probably the LAST person they want to talk to.

Kenzi has a link to the care sheet of PPD if you are exposed to it.
It is considered a POISON.

I'm sorry, but we live in America, so don't feed me any crap about
taking food out of your babies mouths. We are at an all time low in
unemployment. You are able bodied to get a job ANYWHERE if you are
able to run a henna stand. Go to farking McDonald's if you need to,
just stop harming yourself, your children, and other people.

Learn integrity and principle BEFORE consequence has a chance to
TEACHING YOUR CHILDREN TO BE SELFISH -- which is what you are doing
if you continue to apply ppd henna to unsuspecting individuals. Have
you even READ how to handle ppd, or does your ppd not come with any

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