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Posted by Jeremy on July 26, 2000 at 13:38:54:

In Reply to: I had no idea. I feel sick posted by Skyy on July 26, 2000 at 11:57:06:

: I posted this message before going to the Black Henna warning site.
: am shocked and feel sick. I had never had anyone have a reaction
: that. I will immediately stop using the black henna. I use natural
: henna also and in the future only use 100% natural henna. The burns
: shown are dreadful and I thank God that my clients never got that
: reaction. To those of you who gave me advice I thank you. To those
: you who called me names and called me a poor mother a feel very
: and hurt. If your name calling and anger continue you should seek
: professional help. When I post in the future I hope you will have
: common courtesy to not reply with vicious and malicious attacks
: you have displayed here.

I am so relieved to see this post from you. Yes, people did post
some hurtful things, and clearly some of them are regretting it now
that they've read what you just wrote. I do suggest you read back
through the forum archives if you get the chance. You'll see just how
long people on this forum have been trying to fight against PPD, and
why they sometimes get mad when they read posts claiming it is not a
problem. Not least because warnings about the dangers of black henna
sometimes get mis-directed and harm the trade of those who use only
natural henna.

As I've said many times before, if only *everyone* reacted badly to
PPD we wouldn't be in this mess. If there is one thing you can do
beyond what you have already committed to do, it is to take this
message out to other black henna users in your area. Print out that
picture, go tell them that they are risking their own health, as well
as that of their clients. Tell them that the scarring isn't the only
problem, there's the liver and kidney damage and the risk of cancer
too. Ask them how they'd like to be on the wrong end of a major

I'm still working to get properly documented evidence backed by a
medical doctor, so that we don't have to do this just on the basis of
a few pictures and a data sheet. Please, if anyone can help with this
specific aim, get in contact with me.

You'll notice a common theme in many posts recently. People are
scared to walk up to a black henna artist and tell them that what
they are doing is wrong. Without the knowledge you now have, I'm
guessing from your original tone that you might not have reacted in a
very friendly manner to such an approach. I saw the black henna
stands in Montreal last summer, but reckoned I stood a good chance of
suffering physical damage at the hands of the guy there if I said
anything. Am I right in thinking that one "converted black henna
artist" might be able to get through to other black henna users
better than the rest of us? Would you be willing to be quoted in any
information sheet that I might prepare?

Feel free to email me if you prefer -

Thanks for acting on what you learned here. If only more people
would do so.


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