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Posted by Anne on July 26, 2000 at 13:39:08:

In Reply to: I had no idea. I feel sick posted by Skyy on July 26, 2000 at 11:57:06:

Hi Skyy,

I'm glad you made it back to this forum. Many people seem to post
and pass through, and we have had a few trolls who posted inflamatory
messages, the never came back. I'm also really glad that you read
the "black henna" warning and understand its implications.

"Black henna" is a touchy subject around here for many reasons,
including the nasty side affects and the fact that it really isn't
henna. If you take a moment to look around through the archives I'm
sure you'll how frustrated many of us get over it. (There's something
to be said for researching what you're gonna put on your body, or
someone elses, but that's probably the old journalism student in me
coming out.) The people who responded emotionally to your post did
so out of frustration and concern, not because they didn't like you.
In your original post, you accused us of ruining your business and
spreading false information - that's kind of a personal attack. In
your responses, you've implied that name calling isn't nice, then you
go on to call people names. That's not nice, either.

If you have the time, lurk around in the archives. You'll find a
host of wonderful information there and it's a good way to learn
about the people who are regulars here, like See See, CCJ, Nick and
the others who responded to your posts. The rest of the site is a
wonderful resource for the history of henna (thanks CCJ), for where
to buy henna, sample designs - you name it, it's probably here, and
if it isn't, someone will know where to find it.


To those of
: you who called me names and called me a poor mother a feel very
: and hurt. If your name calling and anger continue you should seek
: professional help. When I post in the future I hope you will have
: common courtesy to not reply with vicious and malicious attacks
: you have displayed here.

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