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Posted by Christine on July 26, 2000 at 21:57:07:

In Reply to: Re: Black heena is NOT harmful posted by Theadora on July 26, 2000 at 01:22:07:


: I understand your concern in regards to protecting your
: livelyhood,especially when raising children. I also know a little
: the pressures of useing black dye with chemicals added like the one
: you use with PPD in it. Most people in this country are more
: accustomed to seeing a black tattoo line on the skin and have
: or no refferance of the red brown color that is real henna. Also
: are sometimes impatient and want immediate results. Once a long
: ago I had some henna sent to me that was supposed to be black. It
: some small white crystals in it that looked like salt. I tied to
: it and mix it and the smell of it made me feel weird and it burned
: the skin on my hands. I knew nothing of the dangers of these
: additives and had not yet heard of PPDs ,but I immediately threw it
: all away.
: I know its a hard thing to choose to do. I would have been so busy
: and had a line at my booth a mile long if I had a sign
saying "black
: henna" For me there was no choice, I couldnt Knowingly harm others
: myself for the sake of vanity.The prospect of all the riches seems
: temporary thing that could very easily backfire and come back to
: huant any person who is useing a known toxic poison, that is not
: use on skin. If you honestly dont beleive the photos and info on
: black Henna (BLACK DEATH as it is also called as henna is not
: Then scroll down and read some of the testimonials from people
: writing in to get help after being burned and how they have
: from scarrs and pain .
: It is not something we on this forum have created to ruin yours or
: anyones business.I am very concerned however that if the people
: yourself who use The Black Death dont stop you may take us all down
: with you . I have children too. I have put alot of time into
: to make strong henna paste that is pure and alive and leaves a
: beautiful stain in skin. People do listen and they do learn that
: henna is different then tattoos. I have only lost like 6 customers
: (out of the probably 1000s) in three years of doing Mehndi due to
: not being black like they see on the movie stars. Please for you
: your childrens sake consider what the reprocussions may be if we
: not wrong.
: If you want help and recipees and support with doing the art of
: & Mehndi stick around and write again.
: Blessings to you
: Theadora

: : : I have done 1000ís of black hennas on Santa Monica pier
: any
: : reactions. You have been spreading false information. My black
: henna
: : DOES have PPD. The burns you allege that come from black henna
: : by some other ingredient that people like you experiment with.
: : posting inaccurate information. You are ruining my business. And
: a
: : single mother with two kids to feed you are actually taking food
: from
: : my babiesí mouths. Mind your own business and stop slandering my
: : business.

Dear theodora, I clicked the post by accident, I live in CT and
always use natural henna. It cliked becuase wonderful aOL booted me
off at the time. and i have no children, blessings Christine :)

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