by Dipti Desai,
c 2004
professional henna artist in Ahmadabad. Gujarat, India
Indian Mehandi
Traditionally contains images of parrots, fish, peacocks, etc. It is started on the palm and covers full length of hand, then the entire backside of the hand. This is done in natural henna , and is photographed wih the paste still on the skin.

Rajwadi Mehandi
It contains pictures of king-queen; bride and bridegrooms faces; bride on horse; bridegroom in doli; bridegroom in bullock cart; other marriage scenes etc.  This example is done in natural henna, and was photographed with the paste still on the skin.

Arabian style
Arabian Mehandi
It depicts various types of big flowers, leaves on small thin branches.  This looks very nice with western outfits of woman and can be applied quickly. This was done in natural henna and shading, and was photographed with the paste still on the skin.

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