Bubba, the Hennaed Lamb: Curing Ringworm with Henna
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Bubba's fur was hennaed where there were ringworm infections.
Bubba is a fine lamb that lives in North Canton, Ohio. Bubba had a ringworm infestation.  The veterinarian's ringworm cures were no longer effective: the ringworm had become resistant to all the medications.  We recommended that Bubba's owner try applying henna to the ringworm infections.

Ringworm is highly contagious among farm animals, cats, dogs, and people. Ringworm is not a worm; it is a fungus that grows in the outermost layer of skin. It spreads out in a circular growth pattern  from the original location of the infection.  See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tinea_corporis for a further description.  

Ringworm spore can live in soil for years, so once a barnyard, kennel, gym, or playground has ringworm spore, all the animals and people who are there may become infected with ringworm.

Henna on ringworm spots

A paste made of 100% pure henna mixed with cranberry juice was applied generously to Bubba's ringworm infections.  The henna paste was left on the skin.  It gradually crumbled off Bubba's wool; henna stained Bubba's wool red.
This experiment on Bubba followed 'The Effect of Henna Paste in Ringworm in Calves" by A. Bosoglu, F Birdane, and H. Solmaz Department of Internal Medicine , Selcuk University, Konya Turkey, Indian Veterinary Journal, 75, January, 1998, 71-2.

In the study of 57 calves with ringworm, trycophyton verrusocum,  Bosoglu, Birdane, and Solmaz applied henna  once a week to 50 calves, and left seven untreated.  All hennaed calves recovered completely, and their lesions completely disappeared in one month.  All seven untreated calves still had ringworm.

For Bubba, the henna paste was mixed with cranberry juice, and prepared a bit thinner than one would usually use for body art or hair.  200g of laboratory certified pure high dye content henna was used to make enough paste for one lamb with many ringworm patches.

Veterinary medications for ringworm required twice daily application for two weeks.  Bubba's henna was applied, generously, once.  One application of henna cured the ringworm. No further application was needed.
one pealed away
At the left, dried henna paste is still on the ringworm patch. At the right the henna has been pealed off, showing the complete elimination of the fungal infection, and healthy regrowth of skin.

Lawsone in the henna is a safe, effective fungicide, and penetrates the top layer of skin. When the paste was pealed off the skin, the ringworm was completely gone.  
pick off henna

To remove the henna paste from the skin, just pick and peal it away.  
Dried hena paste can easily be picked and pealed off the skin, revealing healthy, fungus-free skin underneath.

"Jock itch" is caused by the same fungus, and has been traditionally treated with henna in the same way.  Skin and hair will be temporarily stained.

Dandruff and athlete's foot are similar fungal infections of skin.  Henna has been applied to hair, feet, and groin for centuries to prevent "the Evil Eye" from striking and causing skin infections.  The lawsone in henna is a very effective fungicide, and this property may have been culturally interpreted as "baraka" or blessedness.
peeled away

An area twice the width of the original visible ringworm has been cleared of the fungus.
Henna, or to be more precise, the lawsone in the henna penetrates the skin, kills the fungus. 

There are many products on the market with the word "henna" on the label which contain little or no henna or lawsone.  These products will not cure the fungus, and some of the contaminants, unlisted additives, and chemicals in these products can harm humans and animals.  For this reason, purchase only 100% pure, independently laboratory tested  henna with a high lawsone content.

As the henna is removed, the dead previously fungus-infested skin sloughs off with it.  

If you apply henna to feet infected with athlete's foot, another skin fungus, you'll see the same sloughing off of dead skin after the henna is removed, and gradual regrowth of healthy skin.  
all healed

Even on very large and severe ringworm infections, ringworm was completely eliminated.   You can see new white hair growth under the hennaed hair at the edge of the old ringworm patch.  
Ringworm is highly contagious, and spreads easily among pets, livestock, playmates, athletes, or a household, particularly in warm, damp weather.

 If you are concerned that you or a loved member of your household has ringworm, consult a physician or veterinarian.  Do not use this article to diagnose or treat ringworm, or any other condition. Henna may not be safe for all animals. Children who have homozygous G6PD deficiency should never have large applications of henna.  If your physician or veterinarian permits, use henna to easily and completely eliminate ringworm.

If a medical professional recommends that you use henna to treat ringworm or any other fungal infection, be certain that you use pure henna that has been tested by an independent laboratory to insure that there are no adulterants, contaminants, unlisted additives or chemicals.  
Bubba smileBubba is smiling now. He's regrown new white wool under his hennaed red wool.   He's going to get shorn, and will be as healthy and white-fleeced as he was when he was a little lamb.

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