NYC Sirius Part one(very LONG post!)

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Posted by lezard on March 29, 2002 at 17:20:20:

Touchdown: I was singled out by the customs. Godamnit! My henna is
gonna be confiscated and I am going to be slappped by a hefty fine....
The divine must have intervened when the officer checked everything,
my clothes, face paints, make up kit, toiletries...etc..everything
except my henna.
"Well done baby, enjoy your stay here."
Baby? WHat baby? I am 32 yrs old.

On to the Conference: 1st time in US, I am dead worried that I am
going to be lost at some point when heading for the off soho suites. I
have little money and opted the subway instead of hailing a cab. I
memorised the map and got there spot on in about an hour. Thank
heavens I paid attention during topography class in my military

HEllo Everyone: I was greeted by a cacophony of unfamiliar faces and
voices. "Hi I am Lezard." I ventured. Somehow I instinctively singled
out Kenzi from the crowd. CCJ peered at me out of her looking glasses
and gave me a big motherly welcome hug. Slowly I got to know the rest
...Anne who looks a Babara Streistand minus the nose, boy she got a
lovely deep voice. I love women with deep voices. Kree who is so
friendly, chirpy and full of life, she sounds half her age. Heather
the pierced red head who talkes at bullet speed which I have
difficulty in catching up at times. Najeem (spelled ?) a dark &
handsome Morrocan who shared my passion for alcohol & nicotine. Nick,
the very talented dreadlocked teenager of few words. Nick's fabulous
mother who graciously accompanied Nick the whole time throughout the
conference...what a wonderful mother.) Funny girl Constance (Kenzi's
Muzzayina)who talks a lot in her high pitch voice. Excitable Lauren
who talks a whole lot more. And a breathtakingly beautiful Yasmil
(Spelled ?) When we said goodbye, I heard Yasmil called my name for
the first time, no one had ever called my name as enchanting as her.

Day one: There was henna (what else?) Everyone seems to know everyone.
I was jet lagged, fatigued, hungry and thirsty so I just huddled up in
a corner wrapped up in my rug & watch. CCJ asked if I wanna lie down
and get some rest. No Mom, if I sleep now I wouldn't be able to sleep
Dinner is at Kenzi's in Brooklyn. I panicked cos I haven't opened up
socially yet and I am handling a sledgehammer of a headache by then.
Kenzi sort of noticed and offered me the optioon of staying back and
get some rest. This woman can read me dead on! Me & CCJ stayed and
went to the nearest restaurant for a most unfortunate dinner .
OVerpriced and seated infront of the speakers with horrible music, I
wolfed down my tiny chicken soup and we escaped with a hefty bill to
get some sleep.

Day 2: More henna & lecture time. CCJ lectured in an intimate setting
which is a far cry from what we did back home. She did a wonderful
job, speaking in a clear voice and a managable pace. QUestions were
fired and answered like a tennis match. Having left school at the
tender age of 17, Istruggled to keep up and took furious notes. This
is not very fun, I thought, but then school time is not play time.
Afternoon, outing at Jackson heights, we splitted up and do our own
shopping. I tagged along Kenzi, Nick, Nick's mom & Constance. Nick's
mom really lightened up during the outing. We had fun and I learned
that Hello Kitty had infiltrated the US.
Later in the evening, I gave the INdian Dinner a miss cos I had to
budget myself with $26 a day. Kree did a lovely design on me.
Outstanding and precise, I witness her outdoing herself everytime she
did a new design.

Day 3: Nick is leaving us. CCJ seems tired. I am still groggly as my
body clock is still screwed. My mind is blank at times during the
harquus lecture, I struggled to absorb. Nick got a cool harquus done
by CCJ and everyone just badger her to do one for them.
The workshops are great, Nick enlightened us with the tape resist,
Anne taught us how to decipher Celtic, Kenzi & Najeem taught Arabic.
Cool I can charge exhorbitant prices when people ask for Celtic and
some day a tape resist pattern will show up in my gallery. I tried
writing my own name in Arabic with hilarious results, but finally I
managed to write a "somebody love somebody" in Arabic. AHA!
Heather did a lovely Hawaiian design on me that day. Coarse but

Last day: NIck & Lauren Left us. CCJ delivered her last lecture, we
discussed marketing and before U knew it it is time to say goodbye.
CCJ never imagined anuone would give her the "bunny shake hug" GOTCHA!

I learned so much in this conference and I would like to thank
everyone for making my trip a Memorable one, Special thanks to Kenzi
who allowed me to stay in her apartment after the conference.
Everyone went home and I am still in NYC. The weather sucks big time,
my ass is frozen half the time, my nose bleeds, 2 cars crashed within
meters of me, my rug got lost......I wanna go home. But on the bright
side, I haven't been molested or raped yet. But then I learned how to
fend off unwelcome attention from a CCJ chicken
"F.f.f..f....fff..ff..fuck off! "
All in all NYC people gave me strange stares all the time. Kenzi says
they stared at me cos I look like a monk dressed in all white. (Yah
right! Monks don't wear sport shoes KEnzi) then she added that the
people who praactise voodoo wear white as well. I have half a mind to
paint my face with temptu some voodoo design and freak the New Yorkers
My time is limited at the NYC Public Terminal, and I will catch up
with you when I get home in Singapore..

Lezard (who is looking forward to Kenzi Birthday on saturday)

PS JEwel, I missed you , I missed Singapore


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