Steps to how I got a near-black henna stain

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Posted by Heping on May 25, 2002 at 13:36:44:

I had been reading everything I could find about henna online and
reading many or your posts here, so I finally decided to order some
henna. I had been reading everywhere about all these special recipes
and adding essential oils, but I just wanted to try a plain mix first
to see the results. I was already expecting to get an orange-like
stain. A couple days after hennaing my left hand I'm looking at a
near-black stain. It's awesome. I know that the henna stains
differently on different people, but I figured maybe I would post the
steps I did in case they are of help to others. And maybe you could
tell me if something I did is what made the stain so dark as I would
like to repeat this in the future.
I was told that the henna I bought was "Red Indian Henna". I took
about 2 tablespoons of it (straight from the bag without extra
sifting) and mixed it with enough lemon juice so that all the powder
was dissolved. I covered it up and put it in a closet (about 75
degrees F) and let it sit for just over 30 hours.
A couple of hours before hennaing, I did my design first in a brown
sharpie marker, and then powdered my hand so the ink would not smear.
Then I took the henna (without adding anything else to it) and put it
into one of those little plastic bottles. Using a .5mm tip I started
to lay down the henna over the inked design on my hand. Several times
I had trouble getting the henna throught the tip, and had to take the
tip off and use a toothpick to clear it. (I think this happened
because I didn't sift at all at any point). After that, I let my
design dry by blowing on it, though most if it was dry anyway because
I took a long time doing the design. I then used a mixture of lemon
juice and sweet-and-low (didn't have any sugar handy) and dabbed it
on my design using a q-tip. I then wrapped my hand with a lot of
tissue and used seran wrap to seal it all up.
I slept with it, and kept it wrapped up for about 10 hours. The next
morning I removed the wrap, scraped of the henna with a knife, and
had a very dark design. During the day I didn't get my hand wet at
all, except when I went and played tennis. The rest of the ink bled
off at that time. I also put my hand over steam for a few minutes.
Anyway, now today the design is even darker. Some parts are nearly
One thing is peculiar though and maybe somebody can tell me why this
happened. My entire design set well, but on each of my fingers (on
the back of them near the 2nd knuckle) there is practically no stain.
Well, I hope this helps somebody, and it would be helpful to me if
somebody knew what I did that made the stain so dark.
Thank you


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