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Posted by Maureen on May 28, 2002 at 23:53:11:

In reply to: Corrections... posted by Anne Beltestad on May 28, 2002 at 21:54:04:

Hi Anne,

Review of this page will reveal posts that henna on people of
color...darker skin...etc. is best done on the hands and feet for
reasons connected to difficulty seeing real pure natural henna stains
on their skin. It has even been stated here that a person posting
believes that the "black henna...PPD" is used in places in Africa
because the black stains can be better seen on dark skin.

By viture of the first line of your paragraph referring to the people
of darker skin color and being followed by your statement of the
recommendation of the hennaing on hands and feet can draw one to make
the connection between the skin color and recommendation.

It does not and would not concern me if this occurred once among many
posts on many of the forum pages. But for the statements to appear
here at least three times on this same page is problematic. For
people of color to get the message from of all places, The Henna
Form, that they can not get a good and beautiful contrasting stain on
body parts other than hands and feet is misinformation. Catherine
once called henna stains on people of color a different "genre." I
questioned that at first and considered it more just a different
aesthetic. But she is correct. And it appears that a lot of henna
artists who have experience with henna on people other than people of
color may profit from realizing that some commonly held beliefs they
have gained from experiences with the population they henna the most
are not generalizable across the board. And therefore further
investigation is in order. No one should be insulted when asked to
embark on the expedition and have their facts in order prior to
limiting options of any person....and definately prior to making
statements that might lead to limiting the options of an entire group
of people.

It is important to realize that the dark skin of people can indeed be
a plus factor when your paste does not produce its best stain. It
won't stay orange or light brown. I usually will go to a deep
reddish-tan like color. It can be a wonderful contrasting color to
the natural skin color. When the stain does its maximum thing, it
will result in deep rich dark colors that stand out on the skin and
produce excellently beautiful contrasts. The point is that the
contrast is always significantly present. Yes, it is different than
on the hands and feet. But...and I continue to repeat
this...different does not mean better unless what is good and not
good is measured only by the stain that appears on the hands and feet.

I am not judging you by what you posted. I am letting you know how
your post can be read and interpreted by other people. I am adding
to your post another point of view because it is imperative to me
that people of color who come across this particular page, and people
who will have people of color with darker hued skin as customers, get
the message that people of darker hue have the same choices of
placement as anyone else desiring henna designs.

The aspect of educating people getting henna with its connection to
their cultural heritage is a very very good thing. But without
adequate information to make the connections...without adequate
information regarding the customer's expectations, cultural views,
aesthetics and such, the information is miseducation. To provide
miseducation in the name of education for people looking to learn
something about henna while getting their henna designs is a hook.
It is up to you and every other henna artist to decide whether or not
this applies to you.

When henna artists offer their henna services to the public where
there are people of various hues or henna at an event where the
majority of people are of dark hue, a righteous expedition designed
to learn as much as possible about the people they will henna and how
henna will look on them is not extra. It is essential to the work
chosen. The majority of people I henna are female and people of
color of varied skin colors and ages. Still, it behooved me to gain
experience and knowledge about henna on people who are not people of
color, who are men and boys of varying ages and varying skin types.
So I did. This is the work we have chosen. Working with our henna
as artists, suppliers or educators provides tremendous opportunity to
expand our world view. What is the sense in doing that if it is not
first and foremost a people focused journey? It is less an issue of
seeking the experience, as it is one of "having" the experience
without blocking the learning inherent with old learning.

If you can view my posts in the context of some of the other posts on
this page about henna stains on people of color...except for the ones
below by Catherine and will understand that my post is
not about you or me. It is about possibilities. It is about placing
here the other point of view and way for people of color to know they
are not limited in their choices. As has been said on the forum many
times, what is written here stays for a very very long time and is
read by many people waaaaaay after the writer of the post has moved
beyond the issue. My concern is with making sure the other voice is



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