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Posted by Anne Beltestad on May 29, 2002 at 22:50:45:

In reply to: An axe grinding racist, huh? Now that is!!! posted by Maureen on May 29, 2002 at 19:04:10:

: Hi Anne,
: I assure you that I have no axe to grind...except against any notion
: that people of color should not expect the same excellent results
: from a good henna paste as any other group of people. But one could
: grind a warehouse full of axes down and not impact the thoughts and
: beliefs of people fixed in beliefs and behaviors and unwilling to
: admit how words they have posted here, can and will be interpreted.
: I am not interested in expending valuable resourse on axes. Just
: posting the opposing view.
: Regarding your comment:
: : I also cannot understand what sort of axe she's trying to grind
: here,
: : by claiming I am either racist, promoting PPD, or both.
: WOW Anne, that is quite a projection since I never called you a
: racist or stated that you were promoting PPD. Since it was not what
: I said, you might want to consider where that thought came from!
: :" Once more reiterating my position: informing clients about how
: henna
: : works has nothing to do with the color of their skin; it has to do
: : with the nature of henna. I want to inform, to educate, and to give
: : them results they will be happy with. Period."
: This is a good position. If this had been your initial post, I would
: not be writing this now. But it was not part of your original post.
: That is the problem. I am very glad that this discourse has brought
: you to this particular point and statement. All was not in vain I
: see.
: : "As Kenzi says, pulling the race card is counterproductive to this
: : discussion, and I hope that this is the end of this unfortunate
: : misunderstanding."
: I repeat for you as I posted above to Kenzi, the race card was put in
: the deck by others not by me. Why should anyone get angry when
: anyone separates out the problematic card from the rest of the cards
: in the deck they are holding up. The notion that I pulled "the" race
: card when pointing out some insensitivity inherent in some of the
: posts here is just plain silly. You can use any defense and assault
: you like to refuse to face the words and potential interpretations of
: those words...but when the dust settles, the reality will remain the
: same and still be there to face.
: The "Maureen against the entire forum" climate your comment is
: intended to create is even more silly. But even if it was "only
: Maureen" seeing the implication in those posts...that is enough. It
: would be great if it were "only Maureen." But, what I know is that
: it is not "only Maureen" and will not be "only Maureen." Because
: those posts exists and people will come and go from the forum page
: and read those posts. People we know are here and people we do not
: know are here come and go. My posts are for those folks...especially
: people of color who need to know that they will get excellent stains
: with henna on their dark skin...despite other posts implying the
: contrary. Am I concerned with being the only voice pointing out the
: problem with those posts? Heck no!!! Better one than none!
: It is too bad the degree of defensiveness in your statements. But
: better defensiveness than complacency with the statements made. If
: this discussion made you uncomfortable, I assure you that your
: measure of discomfort will not approach that of many people of color
: who would read a statement that indicated their henna designs placed
: on their dark skin would not be visible or seen from a distance.
: Anyone without knowledge of the politics of skin color should
: probably avoid bringing up the topic.
: An axe to grind requires something to grind against. Had I an axe to
: grind, this would have indeed been a good place and issue though.
: Maureen


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