have taken this very personally...

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Posted by Maureen on May 30, 2002 at 00:08:41:

In reply to: Please stop. posted by Anne Beltestad on May 29, 2002 at 22:31:44:

Let me see if I understand you Anne. You accuse me of having an "axe
to grind" when I posted my comments regarding your post on the same
public forum you speak of.

You accuse me of "pulling the race card" when I speak of people of
color but I assume you are not when you speak of people of color.

I made no personal comments about you in my posts except that the
above are projections...which they are. Yet the above statements by
you are quite personal in nature.

Now you want to talk about my products! Don't you know the
more you talk about my products you are promoting them for
me...thanks. You don't have to like my opinion or my products. You
are free to have your opinion about each. Just as I am free to have
my opinion concerning your comments. America is great that way.

And now you think I owe you an apology. You are even more upset than
you appear to be and probably recognize if you think that I owe you
and apology for posting my opinion. You may feel under attack here.
But my comments are and have been about your comments. Not about
you...Anne, the person! Everyone is hopefully more than any one
comment they make. I have never implied that your comment reflects
the totality of you. Just have said that your comments can be
interpreted in a certain way. And that if you did not see the
problem inherent in your comment that some research may be in order.
I don't owe you an apology for stating the truth.

I thought before this began and still do that you are probably a very
nice and good person. But believing and thinking that about you does
not change my opinion of your comment. Just as my opinion about your
comment does not change what I think and believe about who you are.

When people talk about taking personal responsibility, that applies
to taking personal responsibility for what you feel and think and
write. I have. And know that no apology is in order. At least not
from this direction. I have withstood this "group" attack, being
labelled as an axe grinding racist (which I still find funny) and now
an axe grinding racist selling (possibly) poisonous products to the
masses or at a minimum perpetuating misconceptions about henna within
the masses. If I am not asking "you" for an apology, then none
should be requested.

The way I see it, you expressed your opinion. I don't happen to
agree with you and your opinion about me and my products. Because I
know better. I know who I am, what I am doing when posting here,
what and why I am selling on my website and I am satisfied that I
have not compromised any of my values with what I do and how I seek
to be. I never thought mine would be a popular position to take.
Just a necessary one to take and give voice to.

Leaving the other subject alone is a good idea. It has gone full
circle and suddenly you just hurled it off into a product thing that
is too big a stretch and leap for me to follow you there.

The best we will do is agree to disagree right now...about many
things...including my products found on EveryDay Mehndi...for the

I couldn't resist that...:-)!!!



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