my henna-full tripp to italy(maybe a lil bit long)

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Posted by Erfan on June 3, 2002 at 08:17:48:

well,it was wednesday about 20:00 h.I catched my train to florence
(Italy) where my aunt and my uncle live-I went there to meet my
granny.She didn´t feel very good and the doctors said that she
wouldn´t live longer then 2 or 3 month:-((
Well,I also wentr there because of my granny´s last will:she wanted
to tell me everything else she knows about henna and about Islam and
about magic and palm reading.WELL,I had some little presents for
her:incsence sticks,alex´s wonderfull books and some paintings I did
for her.

I fell asleep and I just woke up again at 2 o´clock in the morning
when some policemen came to controll pasports and everything-I took
out my passport and gave iot to the man-WELL he just looked at my
passport then he looked at my hands-they were hennaed-he said that I
should follow him-what was wrong??

WELL;I followed him to the policemen´s place in the train-I was very
tired so he was kind enough to give me a coffee.

I drank the coffe and asked them what was wrong.They just tols me
that 29 talibans came to Austria illegally so noone can find ehm-
they told me that this talibans came to Austria threw Russiam and he
also told me that they were REALLY importend cells.
WELL;he then asked me about my hand-I just told him that he should
shut his )=/()=(&(%&%$§%$§"%$)(/)( before I tell the ai about what
they do with 16-old boys...HMMMMMMMM-he told me that he thinks that
I´m one of them-I just laughed and asked why-he said that this
talibans also have red stuff onb theire hánds and on their fingers-I
took out my henna books and showed ehm what it was.
They themn asked me WHY talibani men would use henna-I just told
the,m that henna is a blessing itself amnd that it was believed to
bring the wearer nearer to allah.They just went red and told me NOT
to talk to anyone else about the questions they asked.

Then I went back to my place and fell asleep-8:00 in the morning I
arrived in Firence were my aunt was already waiting for me.We
arrived at my aunt´s place were my granny was already mixing a BIG
bowl of henna.I was so happy to see her.I went in and hugged her and
started to ask her EVERYTHING I wanted to know........I made
sketches,she amde a few,I wrote up everything.She showed me her
FAVOURITE patterns and her favourite henna experiences......she also
told me "non islamic" henna stories,about her firsd night of the
marriage and about the henna.....MY GOD I learned so muich in these
few days!!!!!!
Then 3 daysafter I arrived,we went tio the hospital to make a check.
WELL,the doctor said that my granny´s body is PERFECT again--WHAT
just one week ago they had told us that she would die soon........I
asked them how it was possible-they showed me the stuff about her
blood and stuff........her body is fit agaiN!!!!!
REALLY,I think that all my prayings helped-but I alöso THINK that it
was alöso the henna.You know she was soo HAPPY and concintrated to
see,that someone wants to hear the stories.........I also gave her
alex´s books,and I signed them with alex´s name(SORRY ALEX-).I did
it because I KNEW that she would be happy about it......she just
held alex´s books in her arms like a little baby would hug a teddy

She really feels better know and stopped doing JUST tribal henna-she
wants to concentrate in her kids and her grandsons.

All in once:THANK you my great friends for praing!I´m working on
some patterns sheets which WILL be available for free very soon-My
granny wanted it that way-she said that all my friends in the whole
wide world had helped her.

Also,we did the fols.catherine and nick,really interesting things
about u also,please e-mail me!!!!!!!!



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