remove oxygen = lengthening the life of henna paste? + my thoughts...

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Posted by Natx on June 7, 2002 at 16:33:41:

In reply to: Re: I want to confirm oxygen is bad for henna. posted by Catherine Cartwright Jones on June 7, 2002 at 13:35:15:

: Anyone who ever took organic chemistry in college is supposed to
: how to do it, I've been told it's not difficult, and that it's
: possible to get the gear and do it on your back porch.
: I was an art major and know only slightly more than diddly.
: Unless your goal is making pre-mix for resale at a profit, there's
: probably not much point in going to all the bother. Of course, now
: that terps are a no longer a big secret ...... the market for pre-
: may be diminishing. If the FDA's going to continue to be pissy
: pre-mix, may just as well continue to do what we've been doing ...
: messing about in our own kitchens with a folk art, for religious
: holidays, family celebrations and education.
: Ever so often I get the cosmic nudge that the henna goddess isn't
: awfully patient with people who just want to get rich off of her,
: don't have any respect for the vast and lovely history, traditions
: human experience she has to offer. Noticed many "trendi-mehndi"
: businesses crashing?

i was wondering if removing the oxygen would lengthen the life of
the paste? if it does, it would greatly reduce the amount
of "expired" paste thrown into the bin.. although there's the fridge
for storage.. but how about times when a fridge isn't avaiable? or
when forgotten and left on the table, then it would be wasted.
or are there some kinda preservatives for henna?

well.. money from doing henna did come to my mind before.. but after
learning about its history, meaning, uses, etc.. it became more of a
ritual that strenthens bonds for me with the other person.. and
when i do it on myself with incense burning, its like a secret
ritual.. and it relaxes me, releases all my problems and at the end
of the session, i feel free, and happy with the designs too... and
when the stains come out well.. its double joy...

henna allows room for creativity juices to flow.. when one does
routine work, it becomes boring and turns into stress.. being
involved in any creative process can help u unwind..and give a sense
of achievement and of being yourself after a frustrating day. &
through mixing of henna and experimenting your own paste, and
applying the designs out.. it makes life so much more enjoyablE~

although it feels great to be paid as it shows that people do
appreciate your hard work at it. and the amount of time u spend
perfecting it.. and gives u some extra cash for replenishing
supplies.. but, for me, i've been doing it for fundraising.. and
hopefully, for charity organisations soon... something to bond me
with people.. somethg to bring me a new friend. and give joy to

i guess the experience for henna will only be enjoyable when its
appreaciated for as a whole (history & traditions, etc) rather
than.. rushing into it just for the money.. and worse still, adding
chemicals, in the process ignoring whether if it hurts others or

hmm.. juz my thoughts..
looking forward to my next henna session... ;P


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