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Posted by Maureen on June 10, 2002 at 19:51:41:

In reply to: Different hues posted by Kay on June 9, 2002 at 14:49:41:

Hi Kay,

There is a range of hues that the stain of a particular henna powder
is capable of giving. One can be reasonable sure of that based
mainly upon the result obtained by themselves and others. Kimia has
one of the greatest possible arrays of hues of any henna powder I
have come across. The colors in the red family that people have
obtained when using Kimia have ranged from bright cherry, black
cherry, plum, black berry, black raspberry and some other range of
colors in the red family that are too hard to describe. The trick
with Kimia has a lot to do with what you do and do not do in your
recipe, mixing and application process and body part to which you
apply your paste. Of course that is true of all henna powders.
Kimia loves palms, soles and sides of feet and graces those areas
with reds.

People have different ways they have obtained the reds. What appears
to be the variables that impact where the stain goes (reds or browns)
with Kimia are timing, terps, wrapping and body part applied. That
said, someone will report another variable I am sure. Because that
is just the nature of the way henna powder works.

Your experience with Kimia or any other henna powder will be your own
very personal one. Because a lot of the variables that come into
play and are important to the result of a henna stain resulting from
any henna powder, have a lot to do with you. Your body temperature,
your stress level, texture of your skin, your age, the temp in the
room where you apply your henna paste well as the choices
that you make regarding recipe and process.

When you see any pic of a henna powder result, you need to remember
that that pic reflects what that person got at that point in time
with that henna powder based upon a lot of variables stated and
unstated...known and unknown. The best you and anyone else can do
when trying to select your henna powder is to shop around to
find "the" henna powder that gives you the results you want based
upon variables and conditions that apply to you. And by shopping
around, I mean to try a number of different henna powders and make
your choice of which one provides you with what you need and desire
based upon your own experience and results. Trying an assortment of
henna powders allows you to learn in what ways they are similar and
in what ways they are different based upon how you work with them.

There is no simple answer to how you obtain any color with any henna
powder. The nature of the henna powder is what you can best trust.
The nature of Kimia is to produce the red stains on hands and feet.
I get the reds with Kimia as have other people. And that has a lot
to do with what we do or do not do with our recipes and process. And
the road people have taken to those reds have been different.

Henna powder is a fickled thing. Each henna powder holds its own
secrets to how you get it to reveal the secrets of its nature to
you. The easiest way to understand that is to apply henna powder to
different body parts and watch what happens to the stain...use
different recipes and watch what happens to the stain...leave your
paste on for varying period of times and watch what happens to the
stain...terp or not and see what happens to the stain. The stains
revealed to you from a particular henna powder depending on how you
choose to work with it is the learning. If you are willing to play
with your henna powder and be observant, its secrets will be revealed
to you. But in the end the best that you will know is that at this
particular point in time with this particular henna powder with the
particular process and recipe I have choosen and under the conditions
and circumstances present (known and unknown)...this is the stain
that can be obtained.

I hope, believe and expect that suppliers will provide for you the
best and most honest information that they have available concerning
the henna powders they sell. Most will know and let you know that
there are too many variables involved to provide you with absolutes
and promises that any particular henna powder product will do any one
thing all of the time. When henna powder and henna paste becomes
that predictable, it will then not be henna powder as we know it. It
will have to be some synthetic product that allows for that sort of
predictability. Until then, take the information provided as the
possibilities available for you with their particular henna powder or
henna powders.

If you can think of your henna powder in terms of its being something
from nature and subject to as many of the variations and
possibilities of most natural things, then you will have a good
perspective on your journey with henna powder. Get a package of
tomato seeds and hand them out to 15 people to plant. Then watch the
difference in the tomatoes produced. The difference will not be so
varied as having a cherry tomatoe seed produce a tomatoe the size of
a baseball. But because of the soil the seed was planted in, the
amount of sun on the garden, how much care was given to tending the
garden, fertilized or not fertilized soil...etc., the tomatoes can
appear and taste quite differently. You will say some people
planting the seed have a green thumb and suggest that others always
get their tomatoes from the grocery store...:-) (I am in that latter
category while my sister is in the first.) If you know you got fresh
seeds, you will also know that the difference is not in the seeds but
in what happened from person to person when the seeds got to them.
This is similar to what occurs with henna powder. Now consider what
will happen to the tomatoe produced if each person takes seeds from
this years tomatoes and plants them again to produce next years
crop. Even if they do the exact same thing the second year as the
first, the probability is that there will be a difference in the
tomato resulting from this years planting. The same with henna
powder. What is obtained from one year's crop of henna powder can be
different from what is obtained from the next season's crop of the
same brand henna powder from the same source.

There is what we can control and then there is what we can not.
There is what we can manipulate to impact results and there are
things we can not manipulate. That wonder and unpredictable element
of the relationship with henna is what most attracts me and what I
most enjoy. Your relationship with your henna powder will be your
relationship and experience. Have fun with it.

If you want a dark cherry stain, discover which henna powder is
capable of giving you what you desire and learn from it what you have
to do with it to get the stains you desire.

Along the way you will learn that there are some henna powders that
won't or can't approach the hue you are seeking. But while finding
that out, you will find out what those particular henna powders do
indeed do excellently. Then you will be armed with first hand
information regarding what powder to choose and use based upon what
you are after. I think of an assortment of henna powders much as
having a palette of colors to choose from...various tools to use to
do a particular job and get certain results...

Kimia has what she does excellently and dazzles you when she graces
you with her reds. She will also dazzle you with the array of other
colors she will produce as her stain continues to develop and she
goes to her deepest and darkest stain. The reds are not better or
worse or superior or inferior to any other hue. It simply appears to
be more rare and harder to attain. Even the assortment of henna
powder stains that are more reddish brown or remains in the brown
family are also different from each other. Each brings its own
beauty and excellence when performing at its peak.

I hope you find the dark cherry you are seeking. I also hope you
enjoy the journey to find it and appreciate the loveliness of all the
stains you may get along the way. That...for the fun and the

Hope this is helpful.



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