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Posted by Marina Waltz on June 11, 2002 at 21:26:08:

In reply to: Henna for hair - HELP!!! posted by Lynn on June 11, 2002 at 10:15:13:

Hi, Lynn.

I have been using henna on my hair for years and have tried several
different brands.

Many natural food stores carry henna for hair, usually in boxes but
sometimes in bulk. I used Colora henna powder and occasionally
Colora henna cream when I lived in Canada. You could buy them at
drug stores, so they were very easy to find. The contact address for
Colora is in New York but I have never seen either product anywhere
I've been in the US. They can be purchased online, though.

I have also used Light Mountain and Rainbow henna. All of the
products I've mentioned do a fine job, but my personal preference for
hair quality henna is Rainbow. I haven't tried the brand Maureen
carries so I can't compare it to anything.

That said, I would rather use skin grade henna on my hair than
anything else. It mixes better and rinses out easier. (There's
nothing quite like finding plant matter stuck in your hair for the
next couple of days - easy rinsing is a GOOD thing!) I like the scent
of fresher henna better, also. You can find a list of suppliers in
the WHERE section of this site.

Applying henna to hair is not a neat process, especially if the hair
is long. However, the neatest way I have found to apply the henna is
to use a hair coloring brush. I find I get more henna on my head and
less in the sink, on the floor and on the walls doing it that way.

All of the hair henna boxes come with directions for use, how to mix
it and how long to leave it on. How I mix my henna when I'm doing my
hair varies depending on much time I can devote to it, and whether or
not I plan ahead. If I have enough time I'll mix it with lemon juice
to a dough-like consistency the day before I'm going to use it. The
next day I'll mix it with hot water to a yoghurt-like consistency
before I apply it. If I decide to do my hair on the spur of the
moment I'll just mix it with hot water. I usually leave it on for 1-
2 hours. If I'm in the middle of a good book it might stay on longer
than that. The shortest time I've left it on is for half an hour.

I'll occasionally add a couple of eggs (my hair is a couple of inches
past my waist - short to medium length hair probably wouldn't need
more than one egg)or mayonnaise. If I have enough on hand I like to
use orange flower water instead of regular water for its wonderful
scent. Some people add a bit of olive oil to their henna. I have a
hard time rinsing any oil out of my hair so I don't use it.

I believe Catherine Cartwright-Jones has listed some other items that
can be added to the henna to give different results on her site.

I would like to reiterate the warnings about applying henna to hair
that has been chemically treated. Many years ago I started using a
henna hair spray on my hair, which had been chemically dyed at the
time. There could not have been very much henna in the hair spray
but very gradually my hair turned green.

A friend's mother applied henna over hair that had been frosted. Her
hair turned green immediately where it had been frosted. It looked
very interesting but it was definitely not the result she had in mind.

I've never personally had a problem with henna and perms but it's a
good idea to test it first.

Two important things to remember before anyone starts to apply henna
is wear gloves, and apply cream around the hairline and on the ears
to prevent staining where it isn't wanted. This is especially
important if using skin quality henna.

Hope this helps.



: Hi everyone
: I need some help. I have been doing some workshops for a
: women's group since January and they have been great - going really
: well and very enjoyable (and I've learnt so much). I asked them at
: the last one if there was anything they particularly wanted to
: learn. They want to learn how to mix henna for hair and do it, and
: then take it home and apply it after the workshop. What I know
: putting henna on hair could be written on a postage stamp. Any
: greatly appreciated. (Like where to buy this henna, what is the
: make - they want to mix it themselves), how to apply it best.
: Thanks very much.
: Lynn


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