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Posted by Carrie on June 12, 2002 at 23:32:55:

In reply to: found another black henna link posted by rosie on June 12, 2002 at 21:07:16:

HI Rosie!!
To quote some movies (and I wouldn't REALLY do this-it's just my
evil sense of humor which you know too well)

"I say we nuke the site from orbit: it's the only way to be sure"
"We need bigger guns!"

To anyone else who reads this: PLEASE don't take this seriously!!
This is NOT meant as a terrorist act, just an off color joke. Rosie
and go WAY back, and she knows my bad remarks are all about venting,
not reality!!

Sometimes I wonder though, if we could all pool together and get
the "bigs guns" out (lawyers, government agents, storm troopers)
would these companies ever stop selling? No, probably not. It would
just create MORE of a demand for it! Black market and all.
Anything that is prohibited instantly becomes more popular. Look at
alcohol back in the 30's. It created the largest crime syndicate
around in our country at the time.

If everything were legalized, and left up to the choice of the
consumer to determine the safety (like the libertarians want) that
would really be no better. You all KNOW how much people really listen
to you when you describe simple things like aftercare to them.
I wonder if people even CARE about the long term effects of what is
put in or on thier bodies. (Hmm-cigarettes, drugs, McDonalds)
Chances are not good that we'll EVER get this poison taken off the
market, or that the government will EVER reverse the law about Henna
Those people that CARE enough to educate themselves will be spared
injury and those too lazy to bother will end up with Black Henna
horror stories.
I wonder if it is all really survival of the fittest (or least
Rosie, YOU are not the dollar sign for these companies, the people
that BUY the product pay the bills for them. If there was a way to
get people to JUST STOP BUYING IT, these companies would have no
choice but to shut down. It all about education, but trust me, they
will NOT stop selling it as long as someone is still buying it.
The only other way is to blow the whistle and turn them into the
FDA, but you might be shooting yourself in the foot. If they start
cracking down on Black Henna, how soon before they complete the
circle and come after the rest of us, too?
You know what I had to do to my company to avoid being made an
example of by our government. Who can afford to be sued?
Does anybody know any celebrities we could get behind this cause??
That might make some news.

I could go on for years about this here, but Rosie, you already know
my story, so I'll stop posting redundancies.

Call you soon-


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