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Posted by Lauren on June 18, 2002 at 20:05:31:

In reply to: My run in with black henna artists in the UK (long) + pic posted by samantha on June 18, 2002 at 16:25:28:

: Yes it certainly is here. I was working at a festival in
: Spa over the weekend and was asked what it so wrong with Black
: I gave the people a little booklet I have with some piccys in of
: scars and began telling them what BH was etc. They looked really
: shocked and asked me if i was aware that there was a BH artist
: working about 100 yards away. Andy and i looked at each other in
: horror and shot over to see, low and behold there they were two
: Mediterranean looking guys. We went down to the organisers armed
: all our info and told them about these fly traders. A couple of
: minutes as we were walking back with the organisers to get them
: booted off site two of the girls who had been BH'erd were walking
: toward us. We stopped them and gently told them what they just had
: applied to their skin and asked them to wash it off ASAP, and to
: over to our stall were we would give them all information. We then
: went over to the BH artists (they were good, what a waste) and we
: were telling them what poison they were using and how they were
: hurting people (by now the scene had drawn a crowd) as they
: organisers booted them off site.
: The girls came to our stall and we washed the BH off with baby
: They had it on for about 10 mins and it had already stained black.
: The girls were visibly upset and one was crying. I gave her a big
: and said that she should be OK as she didn't have it on for long
: enough really to cause any major Problems. We gave them all the
: for their doctors just in case and they went away. when i got home
: there was an e-mail off them to me as an update.
: hello, i was at the peace festival the other day in leamington and
: spotted me and my friend who had had a black henna tattoo? just
: wanted to say thank u very much for warning us about what it could
: is so far been fine and i have been on the website u gave
: me.just wanted to say thank you very much as u have possibly saved
: from scarring for life or worse.......i will b sure to go to the
: doctor if anything happens and will tell ppl bout it so they dont
: have the same problem.also thanks just for the nice pattern i now
: have on my back! i hope u continue to do brilliant henna art and
: safely! thanx again, sarah x
: CCJ and Jeremy were with us at this festival also. About 1 1/2
: hours after the first instance CCJ went walkabout to give herself a
: break (she hennad hard) only to announce when she came back that
: there was another BHA working further down. She had asked them
: about henna (acting innocent) and they chatted to her. She then
: what they used to make henna go black. They quickly pretended that
: they couldn't understand English (they were spanish i think) when
: came back and told us andy and i went off again to explore We
: to the organisers and told them, who then immediately came back
: us to boot these guys off site. When they were confronted their
: English came back very well, and in a really comical foreign accent
: our conversation went something like
: Him: It isn't black henna
: Me: let me see the henna on your arm. (henna is black no question)
: Me: it is black henna and you are putting people in danger
: Him: I've used it for years and it hasn't hurt anyone.
: Asst: I mix the henna up myself
: Me: And you also mix another powder into the natural henna right?
: (assistant looks sheepish)
: Me: You say it doesn't hurt anyone because you henna them and
: see them again. You never get to see the blisters and the scarring,
: never mind what goes into thier body through their blood because of
: that stuff, it's poison and you are hurting people. I am a
: professional NATURAL henna artist into beautification not
: scarification. My henna won't hurt - yours does. (shows pics of
: black henna scars)
: Him: You F***king brown henna artists are just jealous because you
: cannot get the black henna.
: Me: Well actually i could go home and get it tomorrow if i wished
: but i don't work with POISON.
: Him: People want black colour and you brown henna artists can't
: a colour that good, you want all the money for yourself.
: Me: (laughs)Actually I can get that colour - money is NOT an issue
: here, there is another natural brown henna artist at the other end
: and i have no problem with them because they are not using stuff
: can hurt and scar for life, you are.
: The organiser interjects and says that he trusts us and that he
: the BHA to pack up now. which he does mumbling all sorts under his
: breath. The two girls who have just been hennad and were looking
: stunned were advised by us to go and wash it off as soon as
: and to come to our stall for all the relevant information. They
: came over, i hope they were ok.
: I do not know the UK law on PPD and it's usage on skin but after
: weekend i'm certainly going to find out.
: The picture above is of a 4 year old boys arm after having PPD
: in Turkey 3 weeks ago - poor kid
: Samantha


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