Local store vs online shopping...choices are good things to have!

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Posted by Maureen on June 25, 2002 at 10:12:40:

In reply to: Price posted by Paul Cerra on June 24, 2002 at 19:45:13:

Hi Paul,

I am glad to know you enjoy our powders and that they are giving you
what you are desiring in your henna powders, paste and stains. A lot
of time, energy and financial resources go into seeking out, testing,
comparing, selecting and finally obtaining any one particular henna
powder. Especially when you are actually having to search around the
globe to find henna powders with the particular characteristics you
as a vendor are seeking for your customers. So it is always a
pleasure to get positive feedback as you have provided. Thanks!

I would think that if one is living in a particular part of the U.S.
or the world where henna powder choices are abundant in community
stores, that purchasing anywhere else would be just plain silly. But
for people who don't live in such henna luxury and splendor, the
online community of vendors provide for them a similar experience by
bringing henna powders that would not otherwise be accessible within
their reach.

Is it more expensive to purchase online? I guess it depends on how
one looks at it. If online vendors are selling the same henna
powders online for $10.00 that one can get at the community grocer
for $1.00, then one would certainly conclude that online purchasing
is far more expensive and unnecessarily expensive. But,if the
product being sold online is not one attainable at the corner
store...or even attainable anywhere else in your country or
hemishere, then how does one make a determination of whether or not
the commodity is expensive or a bargain online when there is nothing
to compare the online price to at your local store. To compare a
henna powder that is only available because a vendor sought it out
and made it available at their online store with a henna powder
commonly avaiable at the community store is truly to compare apples
and oranges. There is henna powder and then there is henna powder.
From what I have experienced with the henna powder that I sell and
that of the other vendors online that we are familiar with here, I
can't go down to the corner store and find these henna powders. And,
I don't think most people in the U.S. can either.

I would imagine most online vendors remain mystifies much as I am
regarding how some of the small ethnic grocery stores can even obtain
henna powder at prices that allow them to sell it at $1.00 per 100
grams. My math says that figures to $10.00 per kilo of henna powder.
If other online vendors purchase similarly to me, then they also pay
far more than $10.00 per kilo for shipping costs alone. One
certainly can not sell a product at a price far lower than is paid
just for shipping cost to obtain the product. (I guess one could.
But that would be alturism and not business.) I for one would love
to find a manufacturer of the quality of henna powder I want for my
customers who could or would provide henna powder at a costs that
would allow selling it at $1.00 per 100 grams...$10.00 per kilo. Of
course I am dreaming. But am totally open to contacts from any
manufacturer/supplier who wants to offer such prices for quality
henna powder. I would snap that offer up in a moment and then gladly
pass such savings on.

So I think, Paul, that many suppliers online are here to serve people
like you who want a reliable source for consistently high quality
henna powder and cannot find such henna powder readily available to
them at community stores. Local community stores will meet the needs
of people who do not mind the hit or miss...hunt and peck method of
henna powder selection, and/or for those who are fortunate enough to
find large enough selections of good quality henna powder readily
available at community stores where they live. But I believe that
many people do recognize the service and bargain that many online
henna vendors provide for them.

It will be great when the day comes that we can just walk down the
street to the store and look on the shelf and find a broad selection
of fresh, quality henna powder just waiting for us to add to our
shopping items and take home to use with confidence. For most of us
here in the U.S., that day is not now. For the people who live with
the reality that "that day is not now," online vendors fill the gap.



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