Re: Quite long. I'm scared of being in over my head.Help?

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Posted by Maureen on July 3, 2002 at 09:42:06:

In reply to: Quite long. I'm scared of being in over my head.Help? posted by maxx on July 3, 2002 at 06:32:08:

Hi Maxx,

You are so funny and obviously capable of having fun. So just
breathe and know that you will do just fine. You might want to add
to our list the inforamtion about "black henna" and have a hand out
to provide people with more information. Think through how you are
going to set up all of the things you are carrying you
are going to set up your work space. Are you carrying along pics of
designs and will you have the prices on them...will you have chairs
for people to sit when will you manage the
will you have the traffic flow to you...what body parts are you
willing to do and how will you let people know that (verbally or a
little sign) will you do feet, backs, stomachs etc (meaning
will you need a stool, rug or something to sit on the ground, a high
stool for others to sit in, some place for them to lie down, etc.
The big and little details, you will want to run through your mind.
Big details like making sure your paste is good and ready to use.
Small like where you are going to put the metal tips you take off
your j-bottle when they clog to keep them in order and not get lost
or reused. Do a complete run through in your mind. Make a list.
When you are satisfied that all is in order. Relax and have fun with
both the thought of the event and the event itself. This sounds like
a great opportunity for you. That always scares all of us at first.
But don't look at the summer or even the entire weekend once you have
layed out your plan. Look at it as one day at a time and one person
before you at a time desiring one design by you that you know that
you can do. You can't do a summer's worth of designs and events even
in your head. But you can do one at a time. You will be great.
Realize that every day with every person you do a design on, you will
learn something. Be prepared to learn from what you learn and you
wont set yourself up to have to know everything right now. If you
are finding joy in working with the people who come to you for
designs, that will come through and define the customers experience.

Allow yourself to let the day flow whatever way it flows. There may
be people lined up to get designs...there may be people coming in
droves and then nothing for a while...there may be people passing you
by because they haven't quite figured this henna thing out. Just
know it is not about you. That is just the way that particular day
will flow. The next day will be different. And breathe. And get
some sleep. A sleep henna artist can look like a bored henna
artist. Which reminds me, take along something to eat and drink.
There may be other vendors there selling food, but you may not get
time to get away and get some. So fruit, juice, sandwich, water,
mints...:-) No matter how the crowd is gathering, you will need to
plan a break for yourself. You will need to get up and stretch and
walk around for a bit. Determine how you are going to do that. And
last but not least, may sure you get to the bank to get money to make

Wish you the best and I'll be waiting to hear how things went.

I am clueless concerning the zoning and other issues in other areas.
Here you can operate a business out of your own home without all of
the licenses and permits. It is like every home is zoned commercial
as long as you also live in the home.

One thing I would suggest is to make sure when you discuss what you
are wanting to do that you are speaking with the person who can make
the decision. That person has the descretion. Talking to the
gatekeepers is a waste of time. Their job is to say "no" so don't be
surprised when they say it. Find out who has the power to say yes.
Do your research regarding what traffic will actually be generated by
your business or how much you want to generate. Obtain information
that might get them to reframe how they are thinking about henna body
art and make a presentation. Don't try to get something important to
you done over the telephone. You want a face to face meeting with
the person or people who can make that decision for you and make your
presentation to them and beclear what you want from them...Then ask
for exactly that. If rezoning is required ask for rezoning or a
waiver or an exception. Just know what you want and ask for that
specifically. Also, find out if any exceptions have been made or
waivers given for any similar sort of business in the past. Having
that information makes it harder to tell you know if you can
demonstrate the similarities or sameness with what you are seeking to

I am sure someone else will have something more to add about this.

Take care and good luck with this.



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