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Posted by Willowhawk on July 3, 2002 at 21:27:19:

In reply to: Quite long. I'm scared of being in over my head.Help? posted by maxx on July 3, 2002 at 06:32:08:

Hi Maxx...there's a link to a pic of my tent from a recent festival.
The pic is from the last day of this very hot festival which
generated little business. By the last day, my booth was not as
pretty as I like to keep it...chair coverings askew...suppy table a
catchall for crap...but it was a closed festival, and a small one so
I was ok w/ that. I became a comfy place to hang out for people.

: prorate and it's only 33+change a day. I'll be happy to work with

That's a great price...grab it while you can. An event in the tiny
town I live in recently charged $150 for a 2 day event...needless to
say I didn't do it...didn't feel I would break even.

: after that if you'd like. IM NO PROFESSIONAL, i say in my head.

Hahaha! You will be after this weekend :)

: I need from you , please, is anything you have to offer...
: I have: a 'booth bitch', umbrella, sandwitch board, flash, business
: cards, after care sheets(cleverly designed with a little dime bag
: stapled to them to hold a lime soaked cotton ball), chairs, two
: batches of extra henna, lots of tips-so I dont have to bother with
: unclogging,lovely draping and a table, a display of henna powder
: limes, and that's it I guess.

Sounds like you are prepared. Don't forget water for yourself, and
maybe some baby wipes for cleaning your hands. I often forget those,
and just rinse mine off with rubbing alcohol. And I always pack a few
towels. I like to make sure when I start squeezing bottle/cone that
there isn't any liquid right in the tip...hence the towel.
Also...don't take this as a 'big' criticism, but maybe refer to
the 'dime' bags as something The general public may or
may not know what that is, and if it has any other meaning than the
one that pops into my head...forgive can tell what image
popped into my

: But I've never done this before. My
: artistic ability I can count on, but dealing with the general
: public...aiyee!!!!....I guess I just wanted some words from

Just expect lots of questions from passersby. 'What is it', 'how
long does it last', 'oh tattoo's' {my peeve}, 'does it hurt', 'does
it come in colors'. Even if you have a booth attendant, you will
still get people side stepping and asking you. Get some quick and
consise answers down so you can talk and work at the same time.

Also, this may sound trite, but work so people can watch. People
wander by and stop and say 'I just want to watch her work'.

Similar to what Mika posted about her booth, I try to make mine an
inviting place to stop. I gave up floor seating this year for was just easier for customers. I allow them to sit
higher while I scramble around the floor. I have a folding 2 seater
{the 'couch'}, a folding chair, folding stool and floor cushions for
me. When I am doing a hand they sit in either the chair or stool,
but for an armband they have the stool so I can get up close to
them. I smile and laugh and tell them 'we are going to get a bit
close now'. For feet/ankles/legs I have them sit in either the chair
or couch while I am using one floor cushion to sit on and the other I
place in my lap to prop their foot on.
My table of supplies is handy no matter where I am at...for most of
my events I sleep in my tent, so the front 5x10 is for henna, then
behind the Lakshmi tapestry is my 'bedroom'. And I am actually going
to try to drap the 'wall' a different way so as to just hide my cot
and personal essentials.

: Long Beach, where I
: live, won't license henna art as a home business. I've been talking
: with my local officials for a few weeks now. Seems that they
: henna under 'Aesthetician' and it can only be practiced out of a
: salon. I want to change this, and believe i can, but if anyone has
: They say the traffic incurred by beautification
: procedures garners too much foot traffic in a residential area. Tho
: tehy do alow other home businesse. The guidelines are: No more than
: two people in and out every half hour and no parking of a

What if you explain to them that you are a travelling business and
you don't generate much traffic out of your home? I kind of went
around and around w/ my local city gov. about a business
license....they stated that I need one for the city, but why if I
don't do business IN the city {which actually has been true so far}.

Good luck, enjoy the 4th and the fireworks!
Who's playing in Long Beach for the concert?
Justine Willowhawk


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