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Posted by Catherine Cartwright Jones on July 6, 2002 at 15:22:16:

In reply to: Re: LEMON OIL (and wave hi!....) posted by txilar on July 6, 2002 at 04:47:43:

Good and bad day....... digging through the wherewithall of how jnun
are responsible for irregular menstrual cycles and why one MUST henna
once the last tampax is flushed, or there could just be hell to pay
(or Iblis, anyway). The premise of living in a universe populated by
a parallel race of beings, sometimes benign, sometimes malevolent,
always fickle but fundamentally bribeable, and manageable with salt,
henna and incense is not a bad paradigm! Today I'd like to live in a
world where even the most extreme difficulties were solveable by
hennaeing up good, casting salt about, and waving a dead chicken in
the appropriate direction.

Walking up Cornmarket towards the Ashmoleon, there were 7, count 'em,
7 PPD slingers and one Temptu slinger. They all had crap tribal
henna patterns taped to the street and were slinging PPD as fast as
they could for the lines of eager patrons. This is precisely one
week after a local newspaper expose' that showed a child with vicious
PPD burns .... and well, the paper just barely got the story right.
They got it just right enough that every PPD slinger simply LIED
about what was in the paste when I walked up and asked. Conversation:
Reverend: "What color will this be?"
Slinger: "Black, not orange"
Reverend: " How long will this last?"
Slinger: "3 weeks"
Reverend:"What's in the paste?"
Slinger: "Just henna. Pure henna!"
Slinger: "Que?" Looks at me uncomprehendingly.
Reverend: "You're hurting people you bastard!"
Slinger: "I don't know anything about that."

Sigh. The Reverend Bunny will go for the throat on her own turf, but
not in someone else's country.

So I walk on to the Ashmoleon and fine a gorgeous little figure from
neolithic/bronze/ Cyprus, with henna red fingertips, hands raised
position and I do the happy dance until I see the card that says "no
provenance". This means some complete bastard dug it up and made off
with it for profit and prestige without the slightest regard to
archaeological and scholarly necessity. Looks like 2500 - 3000 BCE,
and closely related to Cycladic pieces that also seem to have hennaed
hands ......... but ..... The reverend bunny sits on the floor and
sulks. And I find exquisite Iranian pieces with women with knotwork
and moons on the backs of their hands, but the sign says due to
budget shortfalls, the information sheets on each piece are absent,
many regrets. Looks like 9 - 11th century to me, but I'll have to go
look it up. I prefer to have provenance, date, and catelog number on
each piece, thank you very much, because otherwise, when I try to
write it up it ain't worth shit. So I have a headache, and it isn't
entirely due to English beer.

I drop into another level of orbit tomorrow, but probably won't come
in for a landing until late August.


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