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Posted by Nick on July 7, 2002 at 21:55:53:

In reply to: Re: Are you an artist...? ....uh, hell YEAH!! posted by Darla so Dreadly on July 6, 2002 at 20:21:45:

I consider myself not so much an artist, just a person who does
things... call it what you will, art, theater, movement, fluxus,
stuff... whatever. My "art" is in the realm of the highly personal-
you make it, not me. It is also in the realm of the highly strange. A
project which i hope to complete in the immediate future is as
follows, titled "painting for graphite:"

buy a large piece of graphite from an art store.
Bake it into a loaf of bread.
Enter Boston, and throw the loaf off of a tall building.
Ride the elevator down to the street, and retrieve the loaf.
On the sidewalk, try to cut it in half using a large knife. The knife
should break upon hitting the graphite. Scream if you wish.
End painting.

That's just an example of the kind of "art" i do. But i am not really
the one who does it- i perform the actions, and all those who see it
in it's various stages form in their mind's eye what it should be.
That's the painting.

So, in henna, which is obviously very different, i still feel like i
am just an intermediary- i put forth the product, but those who
appreciate it make it art to them. I put it there for you to do what
you want with it, which is primarily my attitude in art. I don't make
art for myself, because "i am an artist"- i make art for others, so
that they can decide it's direction. This is the goal of my work with
all things avant-garde. To help people create their own art, and make
it what they want it to be. I am merely a go-between. This is not to
say that i am unimportant as an artist though, for without a go-
between, the message would never get across.

I don't see artists as a select few people who can draw or paint well-
that's only one step. But anybody can do "art"- it all comes down to
being able to make the twists and turns in your mind that make that
art "art" to you.

So this is why my "art" is primarily focused on getting people to
live and feel emotions and states not otherwise produced- where else
can you feel perfectly at home sitting on a platter with an apple in
your mouth and a bored look on your face than in my "painting for
suckling human?"
The real art is not the "art" itself, but the mental snap and
reaction to it.

: Hey there Veronica! wow, what a great post!
: Yes, I'm an artist, have been all my life and even have a B.F.A. to
: prove it. hehe, but you don't need a degree to be an artist, hell,
: you don't even need art supplies to be an artist. If you're an
: artist you simply ARE one.
: When you mention that you lost your artistic abilities for a while
: when you were making the transition into adulthood, this is not
: uncommon. Children are natural artists, they create without
: about whether or not what they are making is supposed to "look
: something. As we grow up, we lose that... I think it kinda has to
: w/ our society, not accepting artists. Ask a classroom of
: what do they want to do when they grow up, half the room wants to
: doctors, the other half lawyers.
: There are a lot of stereotypes of artists: that we're lazy
: who sit around smoking cigarrettes waiting for good ideas to dawn
: us. Because of this (and the general thought that artists don't
: any earning potential) art is always downsized in school, and
: underrated. Art in this western society is an afterthought,
: something to match the sofa, a mild hobby to relieve stress...
: for "real" artists, their creations never match anything, sometimes
: not even their own lives, and often the act of creating causes more
: stress than relieves it.
: To our primitive, ancient ancestors, there was no differentiation
: between art and life.
: When people sometimes ask what I do, when I'm out hennaing, I tell
: them I'm an artist, sometimes they have the balls to reply, "No, I
: mean, what's your REAL job." "Uh... I'm an artist." I always find
: it rather insulting when they probe me further into relaying what
: sort of art that I do. They ask, "What do you do?" I say, "Well,
: got my DEGREE in painting and filmmaking." Some people try to
: rationalize the notion that artists exist with anecdotes about a
: sister or cousin who "paints in her spare time" or "teaches art."
: The Creation of Art is like Adrenaline or Blood... it IS who we are!


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