Re: people who wont hear..........(small rant)

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Posted by Anne Beltestad on July 9, 2002 at 12:21:02:

In reply to: people who wont hear..........(small rant) posted by Heather@Amber Lotus Henna on July 9, 2002 at 08:03:31:


Kenzi and I had a similar experience at a Muslim womens' fashion show
recently where we were set up across from a PPD slinger, and another
was down the way.
We had our info out on the table, kenzi did some LOVELY work on the
PPD "artist's" sister (why is it that PPD slingers are almost always
bad artists?!) and there were tons of kids having it done, some very
young. Meanwhile one mom and kid I did were giving us grief about not
being able to see the stain several hours later; most people there
were darker-skinned, and many seemed to use that to justify PPD.
One lovely and intelligent girl had it on her, and I handed her
Kenzi's "Black Henna Warning" card and told her to give it to her mom
or whoever she was with.
She came back abnout an hour later and still had the toxic crap on her
arm, and told me that she had showed it to her mom and that her mom
said it was fine, just this once. I must have looked worried, cause
she asked me what I thought (lovely, clever, think-outside-the-box kid!)
I told her that if she were my daughter, sister, or niece, I would
wash it off right away, because I would never allow that crap on
anyone I cared about, but htat it was her choice and her mother's
choice and all I could do was warn them. She went off, and I though
nothing more of it, till she came back and had washed it off! She
told me she had told her mom what I said and her mom said, if that was
the case, then get it off. It was as if me making it personal for
them was what they needed to believe I wasn't just trying to destroy
the competition or something.
Maybe this approach can help you when you are faced with such wilfully
ignorant people? Or not...they may not listen, and you just have to
hope that something changes, someday...
I know how you feel; I am tired of seeing PPD at every turn, at every
festival and in the streets, and having it be called henna. But I
just don't ahve the energy to launch myself at each and every brick
wall of a PPD artist anymore. Just try to do damage control and
continue to educate.


: Hello all,
: I need to relieve some stress.... tonite at work there was a family
: that included two little girls. At the end of my sale, the mother
: and the girls asked who did my henna. I said i did it for my other
: job at which time the little girls said look at my henna.....they all
: had "black henna" I told the mother to try to get the stains off as
: soon as possible and proceeded to tell them of the harms of ppd. I
: swear to god i was as calm as could be. at the end of it all can you
: belive the woman looked at me as if i were telling her lies and said
: very snottily "we get this done every year" "its perfectly safe" I
: told her she didnt have to belive me but just for the sake of her
: childrens health to please look it up on the internet. She said well
: the guy at the flea market said its safe and its not henna anyhow. I
: have spoken to this man before who wont tell me what he is putting on
: people and insists (wait til you hear this) that what he uses is a
: safe chemical and he wont use henna because when you add coffee or
: tea to henna thats what causes people harm because the caffine reacts
: badly with the henna on skin and causes people harm. I told her
: there is no such thing as black henna anyhow and that anything that
: lasted that long was a chemical that is potentially harmful. I
: wasnt trying to get her business.....she was a tourist going home
: tonite. I cant belive her reaction especially with children that she
: wouldnt listen. I just needed to rant because this really ruined my
: night.
: Thanks for listening.
: Heather


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