poisoning kids and other musings on hennaing the general public

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Posted by kenzi on July 9, 2002 at 17:27:36:

In reply to: Re: people who wont hear..........(small rant) posted by Anne Beltestad on July 9, 2002 at 12:21:02:

: Kenzi and I had a similar experience at a Muslim womens'
fashion show
: recently where we were set up across from a PPD slinger, and
: was down the way.
: We had our info out on the table, kenzi did some LOVELY work
on the
: PPD "artist's" sister (why is it that PPD slingers are almost
: bad artists?!) and there were tons of kids having it done, some
: young. Meanwhile one mom and kid I did were giving us grief
about not
: being able to see the stain several hours later; most people
: were darker-skinned, and many seemed to use that to justify

That's what really burns me up (no pun intended!) about black
henna, is when it's done on kids. Adults can choose to poison
themselves any way they see fit; they have the choice to do it or
not and they can also inform themselves etc. I compare it to
smoking (tho the risks of black henna are not as well advertised)
or unsafe sex: you know the risks and how to avoid them, after
that it's your choice to ruin your own body. Kids don't have that
choice and they don't have the information to make an informed
choice. It's like their parents are forcing cigarettes on them or
forcing them to have unprotected sex. The whole idea really
really creeps me out. bleah!!!!

: One lovely and intelligent girl had it on her, and I handed her
: Kenzi's "Black Henna Warning" card and told her to give it to her
: or whoever she was with.
: She came back abnout an hour later and still had the toxic crap
on her
: arm, and told me that she had showed it to her mom and that
her mom
: said it was fine, just this once. I must have looked worried,

What I found interesting about this event is that people who had
black henna done said that a lot, that it's safe if you don't do it too
often. I guess in some sense that is true, since the poison
builds up in your body after repeated applications, and won't be
as dangerous if you don't do it often. it's like if you don't smoke
that often or don't have unprotected sex that often you are less
likely to get sick from it. there is a logic to it, as strange as it is. I
have a great idea! How bout you don't do it at all and that way
you can be sure not to get a bad reaction from it?!

I think this twisted logic shows that everyone knows that black
henna is nasty which is a baby step in the right direction. Last
year we mostly saw people who didn't know that it was nasty.

This event was nuts...there were about 8 vendors there and three
of them were doing henna! Jeeeeeez! We didn't do too well but
a lot of our cards disappeared into people's purses, so maybe
the returns will come later. At one point I started hennaing little
girls for free just to get good natural henna out there and to keep
myself busy. It started to turn into mayhem tho as the girls tried
to get more and more free designs. They were also sneaking
behind the table to nab my extra bottles so they could do their
own henna. One girl, maybe 9 years old, was asking a lot of
questions about how to do henna which Anne and I tried to
answer. As the press of girls got to be too much I gave the girl
one of my bottles and showed her how to use it. She was now
the center of their attention and practiced her new craft on these
girls. As they climbed all over her screaming for more henna
she looked at me with pleading eyes; I explained that this is
sometimes what you have to deal with as a henna artist. She
handled it really well and came out with some nice designs. I
sold her the bottle, tip and all the paste that was left in the bottle
and she was THRILLED! If for nothing else, the event was a


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