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Posted by Catherine Cartwright Jones on July 10, 2002 at 01:49:55:

In reply to: Re: Artist/craftsman posted by Sarah Jasmijn on July 9, 2002 at 15:37:55:

: That's a pretty sweeping (and unverifiable) statement.

I make this statement based on having a university degree in pictorial
arts, minoring in art history, and having made my living as an
artist/craftsman and living among artist/craftsmen for nearly 40
years. I have based this on having read biographies of dozens of
major artists, and having personal and professional relationships with
dozens more. I know people who have major works in museums, and I've
had a museum showing myself, I've had professional relationships with
museum curators and art dealers. So, when I made this statement, I
considered it to have some verification through my own learning and
life experience.

: : They had bills to pay, work to do, and art
: was their trade
: Uh, no. At some times in history 'great' art was an idle pursuit,
: only suitable for people of leisure.

Art as an idle persuit was very rare. Artists had to eat and art was
a trade, or at least they worked hard at another trade. The "idle
persuit" notion of art is overplayed in fiction and was virtually
nonexistant in fact.

: Interesting examples. Seems to imply that a cathedral is more worthy
than a
: hut.

Both will keep the rain off your head, but I'm talking about a
deliberate exploration of the human experience in emotional,
metaphysical, philosophical realms. A cathedral is created with the
intention of creating transcendent experience, and the finest minds
and hands are hired for the job. Domestic architecture can also be
transcendent, brilliant, and great art, but those domiciles aren't
termed "huts".

: Personally I find 'the test of time' the silliest
: 'art/not art' argument of all.

Time has a way of brushing away the trivial, and showing whether there
is value beyond a momentary fancy.

: : Being a snob about one's art is a sure sign that
: one's art isn't up : to
: : much ..........
: Gotta disagree.

I've known plenty art snobs. I'll stand by that statement. And, I'll
still stand behind my statement that henna is historically doesn't
fall into the "art" category, though it can be beautiful, and well
executed. I hope at some point that henna can break through into
something more than a pretty adornment. I haven't seen henna be art
yet in my work or anyone elses, though I've seen a few people coming

Did I miss your mention of your background, education, and expertise
in the arts? I'm wondering what your information and experience base
is that you've come to such different conclusions from what I've


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