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Posted by Veronica on July 10, 2002 at 04:20:45:

In reply to: Are you an artist...? OR just someone who does henna... my history on this.LONG posted by Veronica on July 6, 2002 at 18:47:22:

After reading many of the posts (and thank you all by the way). I'd
have to say that I went from henna being a hobby to it now being
a craft. Possibly in the future it may be an artform for me. I mean
this in the sense of calling myself an artist in regards to henna.
For now I love to do henna, but I like to have the other person
pick the picture.

A funny past expeience... a friend of mine came over for henna
and she did the "you pick the design" thing to me. I said "I'm not
feeling creative today" and she said "you're not feeling creative
and you're going to do my henna?" To me that did not sound
odd, but after reading some of Catherine's posts I understand
why. For me now, henna is a craft. I wanted to practive my craft
on her at that moment, not use my creative/intuitive side to
design something. If you can't hold a pencil, how can you draw?
I'm practicing my skill currently.

However, I can feel my want to experiment. I think with left over
henna I will on paper, but not on skin. I'm less likely to
experiment when I think a messed up design will be there for 2
weeks. :)


: Hello All,
: This thread was inspired by the last post about not being able
: draw well, but like to do henna. I for one do not see this as a
: oxymorone.
: My question is - do you view yourself as a henna artist or some
: one who does the art of henna. You'll be surprised how you
: define yourself if you have never thought about the question. It
: also amazing how we all define art and artist differently. I was
: asked this question in martial arts (been in it for seven years).
: Am I martial artist or do I just practice martial arts... whooo still
: don't want to answer this one... hard! :)
: Here is my view on henna. When I was younger I loved art! I
: considered my self artisit - even if a 5th grader artist. My father
: was into art and he real made me feel that I was CREATING MY
: art, not just producing class room requirments. As I got older
: and realized that I wasn't fabulous :) in art I decided not to take it
: as electives in upper high school and college. However at
: I was still painting - using watercolors in a very untraditional
: - teachers would scream. Anyways this continued through
: college but slowly I started to stop. Most of the time doing my
: painting I was depressed and created out of my anguish
: passion. Well surprise once I cheered up I just coulded paint
: any more. I would try, but since I had not learned any other
: techniques - everything looked like it always head and
: for me and I was not happy. I stopped almost all art for three
: years.
: Then I found henna! I had it done to me at a party (before
: Madonna did it and when most people went "oh my god, I
: thought you burnt your hand or that it was a ugly scar." I was
: mentally intrigued and read about doing it a long time. Finally I
: was ready to try it. After about three tries I realized I had to
: practice drawing - mostly straight lines, and designs. After a
: few years I progressed nicely, but still was terrified of very
: intricate disigns (still am - which is why I'm at the point of trying
: new tools and mixes) and making my own designs.
: I would say that I was someone who did henna. I feel like
: currenly a fledgling henna artist. I'm not there yet, but I feel my
: passion flow through henna. For me the difference is the
: amound of committment, joy, and skill. It's not just skill - or
: most henna artists would not be here - you have to start from
: some where and get better. However I believe to be an artist
: have to take pride in your skill, love your skill, and understand it
: deserves the time to practice and improve your skill. If you're
: going to do sometime do it well... but realize that it takes time
: and will be a journey.
: As you all might have noticed I feel very happy about all of this. I
: feel as if I hide/turned off my artist/creative side for MANY years
: with dealing with "real" life. Besides henna I also make short
: movies - I love filming and editing. Even technical things can
: creative. When I take raw footage and edit it to meet my mind's
: eye and get to watch the outcome... it's great!
: Thanks All,
: Veronica


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