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Posted by Anne Beltestad on July 14, 2002 at 18:13:32:

In reply to: Re: Serious henna woes...still... posted by Catherine Cartwright Jones on July 14, 2002 at 16:57:12:

: Are your extremities chronically chilly?

My extremities are chronically hot and sweaty. My normal body temp is
about 99-99.5 degrees F.

: What soaps are you using that might be leaving a chemical residue
: that's interferring with the stain?

None - only very un-chemical products. Dr Bronner's soap which I've
used for years, earthy-crunchy soaps from the natural food store.
Same as always.

: Are you using a body oil or hair preparation that might be tanking
: your henna because of the residue left on your hands?

no, I am always careful to not moisturize if I will be doing henna,
and to wash and dry my hands beforehand.

: Antibacterial stuff? Medications?


: Cooking oil? Stress? Hormonal freekiness?

possible - i had an abortion and have not had a period since, although
the doctor assures me I'm fine.
I got evicted from my apartment and am trying to find a job, but think
I have found both now. Still homesick, lonely, and fighting to keep
my head above water. These have all been the case for ten months.

: Failed to wave a dead chicken over it?
: Need to leave a bigger beer offering out for Freya?

have not done anything spiritual in months, perhaps because of the
residual stress of 9/11, and the very real knowledge that our
government let it happen on purpose and are committed, it seems, to
the destruction of earth and all life on it. The feeling of
hopelessness remains, in the midst of feeling alone in that
hopelessness and starved for physical affection. But what else is
new, right?
: When I henna at Sirius and Starwood (gotta pack and get out of here
: shortly) I'm always amazed at the range of stains I get on different
: people, with precisely the same paste and water supply and daily
: temperature. People have different skin and get different results.

I am amzed at all that too, and wrote off my own inability to stain on
the torso as just part of all that. But now I am doubting my own
suitability for henna at all, even though I love it, even though I
think it helps with the stress.

: Of course, this does bring up the problem of just exactly how well
: suited is henna to be a western-style money machine, a marketable
: novelty to be consumed? If it's a marketable product in the western
: world, there are expectations of "guaranteed results". In the
: indigenous traditions ...... the variability of the results was part
: of the folkloric mix.

yeah, but they never had the global and almost incomprehensible level
of stress/threat to survival we have. Their parents, their
mythologies, had prescriptions for drought, infertility, disease,
demon possession, right? And if they failed, well, there was
explanations for that.
Not the feeling that one is a citizen of perhaps the most successfully
evil regime on the face of the earth and one's hard earned money is
going to eliminate life as we know it, and there ain't a damn thing we
can do about it.
So yeah, I guess I am stressed, uprooted, fighting for survival and
wishing desperately for a gentle touch in my life that is not fraught
with issues and doesn't have to wait until I go to the West coast and
see my family.
But henna, with its gentle touching and "grooming" mechanisms is
supposed to help with this, and all I feel is worried and frustrated
by it. I want the magic to work and I don't want to give up, but I
want there to be clients so i *can* feel the magic, get/give to/from
the henna process.
When no one seems to want henna, I am left feeling kind of stupid for
my obsession with it. People look at me funny for having it on my
hands and when I am feeling like people look at me funny anyway, it
makes it hard to want to do it, especially when the stain is ugly.

thanks for listening. I am going to check out some other resources to
deal with this stuff.



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