Hormones and peanut-butter-colored henna stains

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Posted by Jenna on July 15, 2002 at 11:45:55:

In reply to: Serious henna woes...still... posted by Anne Beltestad on July 14, 2002 at 16:25:49:


This is purely anecdotal, but for what it's worth I have PCOS
(polycystic ovaries for those who aren't familiar) and haven't have a
period in four months. I've been noticing an increasingly poor
quality in my own henna stains as that amount of time goes on.
Recently, I've been getting the exact same peanut-butter color you've
described. So I'm not certain, but perhaps it does have something to
do with hormones.

Just a thought,

: For some time I have been whining here that I just don't get the
: results I used to, but it's still happening.
: Last weekend (Sun night) I hennaed my palm, steamed it many times,
: wrapped it, and left it on overnight - at least 12 hours. I waited
: good 16-20 hours before getting it wet, and the color was like
: butter. Interestingly, Sunday afternoon I hennaed Constance,
: henna assistant, and she got unusually dark results on her hand -
: batch of henna. The parts I did not go over are barely visible.
: Yesterday at a very worthless flea market, Kenzi and I played with
: 10-minute tests. Her test on me came out this same
: orangy-peanut-butter color. My test on her was barely visible.
: I went over the design on my hand, and today those parts are the
: exact color as the ten-minute test!
: My foot, with Kenzi's batch, is also forgettably stained - sort of a
: pale brick, but I took a shower when I got home last night - i had
: We are both using Maison Kenzi henna, she used Lavendar, Ravensara,
: and Tea Tree and I used Cajeput and Cardamom, and I put in more
: than I normally do, about 1 tsp and 3/4 tsp, respectively.
: What on earth can be happening? I know I am in the midst of
: weirdness but this is still freaky. Also I am worrying about henna
: lot after all teh PPD that's everywhere, people being skeptical that
: henna actually works, and some really bad public events, where we
: zero business (Kenzi assures me henna is getting more well-known
: Can it be that I just don't stain well? I have never had a good
: on my upper arm, chest, or belly, but even way back when I was a
: fanatical bike racer I got OK stains on my palm,
: *IF* I left it on overnight and didn't get it wet for at least 24
: hours. Now, even doing that doesn't get the kind of stain I want,
: terps don't seem to make that much of a difference. The one I did
: last Sunday night I went to martial arts on Monday and sweated
: before washing it off. I am reasonably fit and have excellent
: circulation and warm skin. I have even been drinking more coffee,
: that helps.
: Should I spend the money to get other (pricier) henna? Stop using
: terps? try on other people besides myself?
: I don't want to have to give up. I enjoy henna, even when there is
: money in it. I want to focus on benefits because at least I will
: a better time helping a good cause than just sitting somewhere
: for clients who don't come, but I feel I can't guarantee my product,
: even though the same henna can stain well, just not on me.
: help?!?


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