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Posted by txilar on July 17, 2002 at 00:20:42:

In reply to: I hate this arguement posted by Lelia on July 16, 2002 at 00:52:20:

I think perhaps you are misreading CCJ's statement; though I cannot
speak for her, I don't think she said traditional medicine was
primitive, only that folk remedies were often ineffective and
harmful. Which is, of course, the truth. Try reading through a herbal
book and see that herbal traditions were often based not on anything
chemical or biological, but rather on the physical i.e., if it is
red, it must be good for the blood- neverminding the fact that blood
is also blue. Cleanliness was completely overlooked as being
healthful (it was actually against god they say), women's health was
not even considered and health rituals were more often than not,
rooted in superstition and magicks, i.e. ground up mummies made the
men "hot", dirt kept the evil spirits at bay and if you had too much
of any one 'humour' you could be in danger.

Folk remedies are one thing and traditional medicines quite another.
Taking white willow bark to alleviate pain is one thing; trying
something just because it was done back in the day and is natural is
another. Modern science has its pros and cons and so does traditional
medicine. The danger is relying on talk, not action. We have created
a lot of problems for modern humanity, there is no doubt there, but
we live at a minimum twice as long as our ancestors did and we don't
die from abcessed teeth and spear wounds! There *is* much wisdom in
traditional medicine, but that doesn't invalidate modern medicine as
being a young whippersnapper on the horizon of health. Modern
medicine, in turn doesn't invalidate traditional, but should
certainly be used to validate it and enrich our current health. And
it is used to do so. No one here said anything about how primitive
traditional medicine was- but the fact is, it was primitive. Thank
God we weren't dying from heart disease and cancer then because
traditional medicine couldn't have handled that- it didn't even
address dental issues and we know that to be a huge indicator of
other health issues.

I don't think there is any reason to tire of your position, just make
sure you aren't arguing something that isn't even being said, because
you did say that "all things have there pros and cons :) - Lelia"
Thus, the positions are all equally shared.


:"Folk remedies are often inneffective and can be dangerous".

:But I'm truely tired of defending this position, to each there
wonderfully unique own.


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