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Posted by txilar on July 17, 2002 at 18:55:32:

In reply to: Re: balance posted by Littlefox on July 17, 2002 at 16:57:19:

To the first paragraph LittleFox, absolutely! I've seen too many
people buy into claims that are based more on new ageism and less on
true herbalism. It's a big thing now and people just want to promote
their big thing using whatever they can, right? I heard one woman
swear that their products had NO chemicals. I was dying to ask her
how they worked at all if that was the case, but my mom pretty much
had me in a chokehold =).

Thanks for the tip on the migraines; I've tried that before and when
I had them regularly (two and three times a week) it actually could
help. Nowadays I get them so randomly that even coneflower won't help
and the pressure thing is... eh.. it might work a little *while* I'm
doing it but once I stop... all back. And sometimes, I fall into that
annoy category too. I'm trying right now to figure out how to wrap a
whole bag of ice into a turban that I can wear. Mine are triggered by
heat and humidity. Something that is a constant where I live. Through
in a two month series of extraordinary stress and well, this was just
a migraine waiting to happen! It's on the downslide right now and I'm
hoping a bit of salicylic acid and caffeine (read: excedrin!) can
knock it out.

As for getting defensive, me too, but I get just as defensive when I
hear people dis either traditional or modern, when it's an all or
none situation. The bottom line is, we need to be more aware of our
bodies and how they react to whatever we do to them. Sometimes
reaching for a plant is the best, less invasive answer. Other times,
synthetics are the only things that are going to work. I guess I get
most defensive over people not thinking for themselves and instead
just going on what they 'heard' or 'read.' I'm glad, really glad to
hear you take an interest in your great grandmothers art. What is
important is to save ancient knowledge when we come across it. Just
like henna traditions; we know now not to sip a henna tea, but the
fact that at one time people did, only illustrates the prestige it
held among them, not just for art or decoration, but for health.
Besides, with our technologies (can't diss them!) we can look at
traditional medicine on a molecular and biochemical basis and see
what they really do and whether or not they are actually effective.
That's what is most exciting, proving traditional medicine to the

: Only really bit of weirdness is when the line of Folk Cure and
: Remedy get crossed because in modern vernacular they are almost the
: same thing, along with New Age Medicine and Herbal Remedy or Folk
: Remedy and Herbalism...... It's difficult to draw the line except
: say MythMagic and Herbalism which puts the emphasis on 'not
: in any way shape or form but voodoo and a bit of mud' and 'an
: science dealing with the chemical properties of herbs'....
: Also, just a wild thought for you with migranes that may or may not
: help.... acupressure.... not puncture, pressure. There's a
: point between then thumb and forefinger that if rubbed with decent
: amount of pressure it can relieve some severe headaches induced by
: sinus pressure and some migranes (I say some because it depends on
: the person and their nervous system and just how sensative they
: are... For me it works fantastically, for my husband it just
: Hugs Lelia, Know exactly what you mean. My great grandmother was
: native american herbalist, rather well known for her ability with
: plants and animals by those in her community (she lived among
: they were always calling her when they couldn't get their doctor.
: Unfortunately none of her children showed an intrest in the craft
: I'm having to relearn everything that should have been passed
: I take it way too personally when anyone disses native remedies and
: get incredibly defensive.
: Littlefox


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