Re: Henna PPD Reaction - advice?

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Posted by Maureen on July 26, 2002 at 23:47:26:

In reply to: Henna PPD Reaction - advice? posted by Kelly on July 26, 2002 at 23:17:10:

Hi Kelly,

I am assuming this design you got was black. It is unfortunate that
you got this thinking you were getting something safe. As you are
now painfully aware, when someone is out there vending those black
designs and calling them henna, they are selling you some mixture of
henna and most probably PPD.

Did you get this done by someone that is still around that you can go
back to and SHOW what they did to you...and also have your lawyer
locate easily? Or was this one of those "fly-by-night" sort of
vendor who sets up and then is gone in a day or two. It is really
hard to catch up with the latter sort. But if you got the design at
an organized event, you should contact the event organizers to let
them also know the problems you are now suffering because they
allowed someone with a dangerous product to set up at their event. I
am not sure of their liability but it should put them on notice to be
more selective next time regarding who is allowed to sell their wares
at their events.

Be sure to have pictures taken all along the stages of development of
what is occurring on your back. Also, keep your doctors informed
about the progress of the way they are treating the skin eruptions.
The tests will be something you will need to have done over time. I
don't believe there would be any damage that would show up in the
liver this soon after the design. But a base line test is a good one
to have done anyway right now.

If you have read all of the literature on Catherine's website, you
have a good handle of what sort of problems that could occur. Keep
in mind, that many of the things mentioned are things that "could"
happen...not "will" happen. However, with the reaction you have had,
you need to stay clear of any products containing PPD now and
forever. It appears that you have now developed a sensitivity to PPD
products and even if you used them in the past and dodged the bullet,
signs of the sensitivity to them is now apparent.

I can only say how sorry I am that you are having this experience.
We do all that we can to spread the word...but there is much more
work to be done. You can now be very helpful with spreading the word
as well and try to prevent others from suffering as you now are and
living with the uncertainty of what the long term effects can be.
What you can expect is that the shape of the design will remain on
your skin after the coloration is gone. Hopefully...and I offer this
in prayer...there will be no other ramifications from your experience
with PPD.

If the person who put this stuff on you is still in business and
using this stuff, you can and should do what you need to do to put
them out of business. Minimally, make sure they no longer use that
crap on other people...and stop referring to it as henna. Sometimes
that stuff is nothing but pure hair dye that costs them next to
nothing to purchase and then they charge you to put you and your
health at risk. Know that the itching will stop and the area will
heal...just remain raised.

You are fortunate to have found out that something very wrong was
taking place and to have sought medical treatment quickly. Now your
doctors can follow your history and that will in and of itself reduce
some long term risks because they should be able to inform you about
what you should avoid.

Take care and thanks for posting. Do you believe that there are
people who are really still saying that PPD does no harm? Of course
they are the people selling the stuff and people who have had it used
on them and have had no reaction...yet.

Let us know what you do and what you find out.



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