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Posted by Lauren on July 29, 2002 at 18:31:11:

In reply to: Best Henna Weekend ever! (long) posted by Lauren on July 29, 2002 at 18:27:28:

: No prictae gigs for almost a year, then all the sudden people start
: to notice I'm here. Yay!
: Saturday was a "Welcome to the World" party for a 3-week-old boy
: whose mama I had decorated while pregnant with Alex's four-lizards
: design. He looked just like a baby, only smaller. Three weeks, 7
: pounds. Yikes! Anyway, I told them when booking the appointment
: that I would need to bring the baby and they said, heck, bring the
: whole crew, so husband, two kids, and me all went. There was
: swimming and games and a huge amount of food, all of which
: entertained the kid and husband. I set up shop at two but people
: didn't start arriving until past four. After that, it was still
: very relaxed, outdoors under a tent with great music playing
: People really liked Spellstone, but I also got to do some fun
: originals, and a couple people used the computer to get some
: of stuff they wanted. I did a frontal-view Wright Brothers
: airplane. This was Not Easy but I think I did a creditable job.
: started to get dark as I was doing the last person and I realized
: that I'd been there a really long time! When I went inside, it was
: 8pm and I think I did around 15 people in six hours. When they
: to pay me, I felt sorta guilty about charging my usual hourly rate
: for such a relaxing day when my family was fed and entertained
: but they insisted on paying me the whole rate for the whole time,
: even the hours I was just sitting there drinking their soda. If
: feel that I enhanced their party that much just by sittin' around,
: suppose I should feel honored :) I don't know if I'll get any
: business out of it, but I did make some friends.
: The second job was yesterday. This was for a bunch of middle-aged
: women out in the expensive boonies of CT. The woman who was
: scheduling it really went into detail, asking about sites with
: ethinic recipes for the theme, getting info about henna to send to
: the other women, and and making sure than my setup was going to be
: adequate. Again, I told her when booking that the baby and I were
: package deal, and she had no problems with that. I planned 30
: minutes extra on the hour drive to make sure we'd get there on
: Lucky that, because I ended up taking an interstate East instead of
: West and went about five exits before I realized. This in itself
: would not be a big problem, but the van stalled in the middle of
: intersection and would restart but turn off as soon as it was put
: gear, and this took about half an hour to resolve. I finally got
: back on the right way and headed off, then we hit traffic and as
: as my foot was off the gas pedal, the van stalled again. Luckily
: this was next to a breakdown lane so I could pull over and fuss
: it out of traffic. This took another 20 minutes. Also luckily I
: my husband's cell phone so I called and told them I'd be late. I
: finally arrive forty minutes late to this gorgeous house in the
: country. They had their garage hung with black drapery and tables
: set up with really pretty decorative covers and placemats, plus
: candles, flower centerpieces, and napkin holder party favors. Many
: the women were wearing indian-inspired clothing. The hostess had
: made or bought tabouleh, spanakopita, feta cheese squares, and a
: couple other food items, but the coolest thing was cherry tomatoes
: stuffed with seasoned couscous. They offered me food and drink,
: helped me set up my stuff, and swooped down en masse on the baby.
: All the women were fortyish and all had breastfed at least two
: so not only were they happy to play with the baby (who was
: smiley and gurgly) but they were totally relaxed about my feeding
: him, too. They all has design sheets they'd printed out from the
: Web, including several from this page and several by Shaon (they
: your work, by the way!) but once they saw HJBA and Spellstone,
: of them were enchanted all over again and changed their minds. All
: of them wanted interesting stuff, some creating a new design from
: pieces. I thought I'd removed the dragons page from HJBA but
: apparently not... and one of them wanted one! ACK THAT IS JUST TOO
: MUCH! Beautiful and it turned out great but took too long for that
: party. One other lady wanted the same one but I talked her out of
: in the interest of time. While I hennaed, the hostess brought out
: the main course of steak and chicken kebabs, falafel, kibbe, and
: pita. After the henna and food were done, I pulled out my dance
: scarves and taught them some middle-eastern dance moves. Some of
: them just kept going for the "sex stuff" but many were really into
: it. After I started telling them about the SCA and Renn faires and
: stuff, they ended up going through my van to see what I had in
: leftover from last weekend's events, and they bought a few temari
: balls and a CD, along with a henna kit and several sticks of
: aftercare balm. I gave out a lot of cards- apparently the hostess
: had had to turn people away, and everyone has friends who'd wanted
: come. This could turn into something big! I packed up, retrieved
: the baby, and tried to turn around to leave, but of course the van
: stalled in the middle of an intersection again for yet another 20
: minutes. It finally restarted and I got home at almost 2am.
: I am so jazzed about this whole thing! I've done so many events
: where I went on the chance that someone would want my work, but to
: invited somewhere is terrific and way more fun, not to mention way
: more lucrative. I feel like this is more than a hobby now. Not
: a career, but I feel like I'm official.. real somehow. I'm very
: proud of my work.
: Lauren


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