Shake and Bake belly dancing convention

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Posted by Alissa on August 4, 2002 at 15:52:32:

i just worked a 2 day belly dancing convention, my first belly
dancing gig ever! Me and my lovely assistant Rebecca worked 9 hours
Friday and 7 Saturday on the 2nd floor of the lovely La Posada hotel
downtown. It's a 1920's Pueblo Deco building thats now a landmark,
and the floors they were dancing on in the ballroom were the
reallllll parquet, you could feel every plank beneath your toes
(sorry, dancers' tangent here).

I thought this would be a heavy duty henna crowd, and made 4 oz. for
the event. They had a performance and costuem competetion scheduled
for the weekend, and I figured henna from head to toe would be going
on. I was wrong....

From the amount of henna I was doing I wouldn't have even made up my
vendor fees each day. I could count on my hands the number of designs
I did allll weekend long. However, thankfully my intuitive streak
kicked in last week while I was preparing for the event. I decided at
the last minute to offer palm readings for $5 as well, and scoured my
palmistry notes from SSW, trying to recall ever thing CCJ said about
hands. And I PRAYED for help, and to be a good conduit, of henna or
whatever else.

The First woman who asked about a palm reading was skeptical, and
teasing me lightly. "I don't know," she said, "I'm pretty complex...."

I smiled and shrugged and said, "Well if you'd like one let me know."
And she decided why not.

During the reading she kept a poker face, and I purposefully focused
on her hand, and not *her*. I spent about 10-15 minutes telling her
what I saw. All she did was nod slightly at times to acknowledge my
point and signal me to move on.

At the end, she stood up and looked down at me and said, "well, you
are one hundred and ten percent" (I'm cringing inwardly at this point
thinking i fuckin blew it big time, and there went any hope for a
good day at palm reading once news got around) "... correct."

"I can't believe what you just said, you couldn't have been more

Rebecca and I break out in grins from ear to ear.

The woman happened to be the sister of the event organizer. She then
told her daughter to come get a reading. Her daughter left shaking
and amazed. Amaya, the event organzier, came for a reading (as a
professional courtesy of course I did not charge her). Over lunch
they went and told everyone at the table about the amazing palm
readings they had.

Word quickly spreads amoungst the 40 or so attendees that the palm
reader, the only reader there at the convention mind you, is FRICKIN
AMAZING! People lined up, and passerbys would whisper, "Be afraid, be
VERY afraid..."

By late afternoon the sister and daughter came back for a second
reading! This time, I took the time to tell her a few basics of what
I was looking at in her palm so she could see a little of the
technique of reading. They asked if I did anything else, and I
said "Yes, tarot readings." So they said I just HAD to bring those
for the next day.

I was so freakin exhausted by the end of the day from readings, and I
was almost glad I didn't have a big henna demand to contend with as
well. Inwardly I thanked Lakshmi, Ganesha, and the generous teaching
spirit Catherine Cartwright Jones for a good day that made about 3
times my booth fee, even minus by booth bitch's take!

Thank you, Catherine!!!

Saturday I read palms for a few more, and did tarot readings for
about a half dozen people or so. I did 3 henna designs for pay and
another on Rebecca while we sat out the long dulldrums while
attendees were taking dance classes and business was slow. Rebecca
hennaed my foot, and picked a challenging design that required focus
and did a FABOO job at it too.

I imagine I'll be back next year. Many attend every year, and this is
a long standing event for Amaya.

Sometimes you get geared to henna up, and get no henna. Sometimes you
think, small henna gig and it's suddenly mass henna. Weird. Now I've
got about 3 oz of good peaking terped apste frozen for whenever I
need it though.


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