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Posted by Maureen on August 18, 2002 at 10:11:38:

In reply to: Hey there. I'm new and I have a question....... posted by miss taken77 on August 17, 2002 at 19:40:25:

Hi Jamie,

There are effective premixes and premixes that are not effective. It
can be a mixed bag depending on where you get it, how old it is when
you get it, how you use it and on and on.

I agree that learning to mix your own paste is the best possible way
to go because it gives you a lot more flexibility than is offered
with the premixes. One of the things that I really suggest is that
people learn how to make really small batches of their henna paste.
I know the freezing thing offers up some options. Especially for
people who NEED to keep henna on hand for emergency customers or
gigs. But a good terped natural premix can fill that gap as well in
an emergency. But, for people making paste primarily for themselves
and occasionally to put a design on one other person, it is very
useful to learn how to mix up a tiny batch of just the amount of
henna paste as you will need for use one or two times. This is
especially true when you are first trying to learn what is a good
recipe and process. There is no value in wasting your henna powder
by making big batches of paste that you may or may not use before the
paste loses its effectiveness. Also, I think that when you are
starting off, you will have your hands full learning to make a good
enough paste to use. Once you learn to do that, then perhaps you
will want to make up enough of it to freeze. When you are first
starting out and learning about henna and mehndi, you will learn more
about your henna and what it can do from making up a lot of small
batches each time you need it and using it each time, than you will
from making up one large batch and freezing it to use over and over.

It is like wanting to learn to make home made soup and wondering
before you have the ingredients whether or not you can freeze the
left overs. My advice is to learn to make good soup in small
amounts. When you are good at making good soup, then and only then
will you want to make enough that some might require freezing.

Paul Cerra is my hero at making small amounts of henna paste. He
knows how to mix up just enough for one or two designs. So he
doesn't experience the waste of throwing away paste that has become
useless prior to his being able to use it up. I am sure, if you ask,
that he will not mind sharing what he does and how he does it. You
want to get as much mileage out of and have as many good experiences
with your henna powder and other supplies as is possible. Don't use
40 grams of henna powder to learn and do what you could learn and do
with 5grams or 10 grams of henna powder. Don't use 5 tablespoons of
terps to learn what you could learn and do what you could do with 7
to 10 drops. You really will enjoy your henna/mehndi experience so
much more if you can learn to use your supplies with minimal waste.
And freezing will only serve you when you have something worthy of
freezing and a reason to freeze.

Let us know how your first experience with making your own paste
comes out.

Take care.



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