transgender people in Iran

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Posted by post from erfan(astrid) on August 22, 2002 at 00:12:07:

erfan wrote this-e-mailing forward to your site is impossible to him
now,so he called me to wright up this:

Okay,may I share some lil secrets I know,also.
Being gay,an "obi" or "chahar" in Iran is *bad*-everybody knows that
tehy are present but NOBODY talks about it.In schools little kids to
learn that masturbating is bad-so more and more men,boys do have sex
with eachother-most of the parts it is that the younger is bottom and
top is the older.It is like a cicle:you have start to hug
eachother,then the firsd know what I mean?Men,even if
straight do prefere to have sex with other men then to
masturbate.Masturbating is seen as *bad" in Islam(not the real
islam,but the =)(=)/)(/&(/% which was brought to us by the
ajatolas),because you are not allowed to have dirty,evil hands after
praying.I mean,that whenever you have sex,you can go showering,itīs
neceserry to Islam,BUT after masturbating there is *no* rule to wash
and get clean.There is a miniature piece from Iran(isfahan),I think
16th sentury,were you can CLEARLY see,that gay men DID have henna!BUT
in Iran(even in past) there were to kind of gays:the "chahaars" and
the normal men,who wanted to stay secret.The chahaars were the
*female* bottoms:they weared henna had surma and had NO hair on
theire head-shaved heads were a sign of gaynes in old persia-will
come to that one later.BUT the "wannabe-straights" tried to stay VERY
maskulin:heary chest,beard and a *slang*-

The gay people in old persia did get henna more then women-YES
remember transgender peopel in U.S?when they have the chance to be
like a woman,they to OVER-makeup and do wear-hore like cloth-same
with the henna:gay people wanted to show,that they ARE gay-so they
tried to be very feminin and also got theire eyebrowns hennaed and

The sexworker(male) in Iran was a very beutiful boy,usually under the
age of 16-he had to be feminin and was the darling for old men.and
often the boy would get henna form his hustler ,so he could be the
manīs *bride*-even if just for a few hours.vey interesting stories in
my grannyīs notes.........

Also the hennaing for men became popular in 13th century!before,men
GOIT henna BUT no like women:-)theire henna was DIFFEREND

Nowadays people try to be "modern",so kissing and hugging an another
guy is uncewl in Iean now-also 2 years ago threating eyebrows was
a "gay" thinggie,but today I saw SOOOO many straight ersian men with
threated brows........

Will wright more later.......gotta go back to work:making piccies and
wrighting down a LOT of HUGE pieces:-)



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