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Posted by Alissa on August 22, 2002 at 20:26:08:

I've been working sooo many gigs this week, both at the university,
and evenings at the local outdoor arena in the Camel club doing
henna. I've had more insults, come-ons and drunk fuckers in the past
week than I've encountered in any one time in the past year or 2.

Today's biggest insult : Guy sits down to get henna. Says before I
begin, will I marry him first (why oh why do men ever say such
stoooopid things?) I say no, but how about a henna? Next, he
asks, "Why are you wearing that thing on your head?" (refering to my

"Because it's a traditional design for a *married* Hindu woman."

"Ohhh that's sad,"

"What's sad?"

"You're too pretty to be a Hindu, that's a shame. Really. You should
just be Catholic or something."

I stopped hennaeing and looked at him in astonishment. I didn't know
where I should even BEGIN to be offended!!! Is this more post 9-11
idiocy towards anyone from the Mid East, I'm wondering?

How oh how do you deal with it, my
Hindu/Indian/Pakistan/Muslim/Saudi/Moroccan sisters?

Never mind the repeated requests from 1,000+ other men to henna their
dick/ass/etc ("Do you really think that's acceptable?"), and the ever-
present "mine's real" discussion. For that I give the withering look,
show them my ink tattoo and say "yeah, that's great, mine is too."
They usually quit preening about how tuff they are then.

I can't tell you how low my "joie de henna" is getting.

CCJ's biz rant is right -- the more you do what you love, eventually
it begins to sour on you, and you're just burnt. I'll recover once I
get some down time. Right now, I don't even want to think about
hennaeing myself.

Nick, I FEEL your previously burnt-out, bored to tears dilemma.

If anyone hits on me tonight for the Tom Petty concert, I may smack
them. Money be damned. I'm tired of men feeling up my knee
while "resting" their hand so I can henna them. I'm tired of being
told how fabbbullllous my art is (because it isn't but they like the
ease of which I can sling these designs now) and the whole googly
bit: "Oh my gawd you are so good, this is amazing, I can't believe
what an a=incredible artist you are, and do you do real ones too?"


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