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Posted by Lisa K on August 23, 2002 at 20:09:06:

In reply to: Henna artist insult of the day... posted by Alissa on August 22, 2002 at 20:26:08:

Oh what great advice all this is. I feel better just reading it
all. I spewed my drink also reading about the Canadian slut demons
and then charge by the inch. I really liked what Lauren said about
Lord Ganesha and little bumps. I know I will call upon this in
trying times. It has to make you feel better getting all this great
advice and just being able to vent among friends!! If I were closer,
I would ask CCJ for her brownie recipe and bring some bubbly.
Remember that like our henna designs, most things in life are
temporary and so too, will the not so fun times disappear.

: I've been working sooo many gigs this week, both at the university,
: and evenings at the local outdoor arena in the Camel club doing
: henna. I've had more insults, come-ons and drunk fuckers in the
: week than I've encountered in any one time in the past year or 2.
: Today's biggest insult : Guy sits down to get henna. Says before I
: begin, will I marry him first (why oh why do men ever say such
: stoooopid things?) I say no, but how about a henna? Next, he
: asks, "Why are you wearing that thing on your head?" (refering to
: bindi).
: "Because it's a traditional design for a *married* Hindu woman."
: "Ohhh that's sad,"
: "What's sad?"
: "You're too pretty to be a Hindu, that's a shame. Really. You
: just be Catholic or something."
: I stopped hennaeing and looked at him in astonishment. I didn't
: where I should even BEGIN to be offended!!! Is this more post 9-11
: idiocy towards anyone from the Mid East, I'm wondering?
: How oh how do you deal with it, my
: Hindu/Indian/Pakistan/Muslim/Saudi/Moroccan sisters?
: Never mind the repeated requests from 1,000+ other men to henna
: dick/ass/etc ("Do you really think that's acceptable?"), and the
: present "mine's real" discussion. For that I give the withering
: show them my ink tattoo and say "yeah, that's great, mine is too."
: They usually quit preening about how tuff they are then.
: I can't tell you how low my "joie de henna" is getting.
: CCJ's biz rant is right -- the more you do what you love,
: it begins to sour on you, and you're just burnt. I'll recover once
: get some down time. Right now, I don't even want to think about
: hennaeing myself.
: Nick, I FEEL your previously burnt-out, bored to tears dilemma.
: If anyone hits on me tonight for the Tom Petty concert, I may smack
: them. Money be damned. I'm tired of men feeling up my knee
: while "resting" their hand so I can henna them. I'm tired of being
: told how fabbbullllous my art is (because it isn't but they like
: ease of which I can sling these designs now) and the whole googly
: bit: "Oh my gawd you are so good, this is amazing, I can't believe
: what an a=incredible artist you are, and do you do real ones too?"


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