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Posted by Maureen on August 27, 2002 at 04:29:40:

In reply to: Terpineol is better? posted by Faery Ring on August 27, 2002 at 01:54:57:

Hi Faery Ring,

This is what I am finding. I don't have to use as much terpineol in
my mix as cajeput, ravensara, eucalyptus globius or ravensara, to get
the same results. I find economy to always be a good thing. While I
have more play to do with a lot more henna powders to see if there is
a consistent and worthwhile difference with the stain produced on the
hands and feet with terpineol vs the other terps, where I am seeing a
difference is on body parts. I tested so far only on the thigh,
upper arm and stomach and there was a noticeable difference there in
the stain...not EUREKA!!!...but noticeably different. I still have a
few more henna powders to test on these areas and other body parts
with the terpineol.

I think that Catherine and a few other people have not found a
difference in the longevity or sort of break up of the stains they
got with and without terps. I have experienced something different.
What I have experienced is that the more terp, the faster my stains
demise and the breakup can become even. That is why I found for my
use and purpose, 15 to 20 drops of the terps for two heaping
tablespoons of henna powder to be optimal. Using more of any
particular terp (tea tree, cajeput, ravensara etc.) did not make the
stain any darker. But I experienced stain demise to occur faster
across henna powders and the breakup funny with a lot of henna
powders. So what does this latter thing have to do with terpineol?
Nothing scientific about my tests and analysis...just my own
conclusions drawn from my observation of the terpineol with a lot of
henna powders...I found there to be a positive correlation between
the lesser amount of the terpineol required and the longer life of
the stains. And I found the converse to be true as well. Lots of
terpineol and the stain disappeared faster.

I wasn't comparing between henna powders whether or not a stain was
disappearing faster or more slowly. I was comparing the henna powder
with the terp with the same henna powder without the terp. So it has
to do with what ordinarily occurs with a particular henna powder.
Like one henna powder that gives a wonderful stain and usually the
stain will last about 10 days with usual activity...then suddenly
disappears with out the slow demise...poof gone. I found when I put
in waaaay too much terpineol, the stain was their wonderfully during
normal activity for almost 3 days and then on the third day while
showering all of the fine lines disappeared (this was on my palm) and
left behind areas of thicker lines and larger shapes but they were
looking pitiful. The best that I can explain it is that it appears
to me that the terps hasten the exfoliation...and lots of terps helps
exfoliation a lot. The same seems to hold true for the terpineol.
So less terpineol needed results in more time the stain lasted. That
is what I am experiencing. I used less terpineol and my stain lasted

So, what I am finding super duper about terpineol is the ability to
save money by using less of the terpineol than the other
terps...having the stain last longer as a result...and getting stains
to go a bit darker on body parts I have tested on so far...thighs,
upper arms and the belly. I find that to be economic in a lot of

As compared to the other terps. I have said for a long time and
often that cajeput has been my favorite for a number of reasons. I
found it to be the most consistent of other terps (tea tree,
ravensara, eucalyptus globius). Cajeput is less expensive than
ravensara and I did not find ravensara to be any more effective. Tea
Tree burns my eyes, makes me cry, didn't work as well for me as the
cajeput and eucalyptus globius and is therefore way down on my list.
Eucalyptus globius works well and has been a very close second to me
to the cajeput in effectiveness and consistency across henna
powders. But, it doesn't make the henna paste smell as good to me as
the cajeput and lemon combination. So, excluding the terpineol from
the list, I found the cajeput and eucalyptus globius to give the most
bang for the buck. Again the economy thing. But, the terpineol has
shown itself to me to provide more bang for the buck...smells as good
to me in paste as the cajeput and lemon combination...and does not
make me cry.

I think there is a reason why people choose Cajeput over Tea Tree or
Tea Tree over Cajeput or Eucalyptus globius over Ravensara. I am
convinced that the reason Tea Tree does not work well on me is
connected to the same thing that makes it make my eyes pour tears
while other people can use it without the appearance of being in the
thrawls deep grief and dispair. I think that as with the different
henna powders, with terps in matters of effectiveness, body chemistry
comes into play and a natural sensitivity to certain odors and fumes
comes into play and leads one to selecting one over the other. My
imagining is the same will occur with the terpineol. It embraced me
and and treated me well. So I have embraced it.

Nothing is the answer to everyone's prayers. But some "thing" will
answer each of our prayers. Terpineol is one more thing to add to
our list of possibilities. Just as we continue to discover and to
offer up new applicator tips and the option of mylar for making cones
or sources of acid for our henna pastes. Terpineol offers its own
possibilities. And it has its own track record that predates my love
affair with it.

Sorry for the long response. But yours was a complicated question
asking for some comparisons and I wanted to treat it seriously with
responses based upon my experience with each of the terps.

Take care.



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