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Posted by Maureen on August 27, 2002 at 15:07:28:

In reply to: Results of test of amounts of terp oil posted by Lauren on August 27, 2002 at 12:41:53:

Hi Lauren,

I think what you were testing and what I was testing are two very
different things. One of the things I looked at was whether or not
the terps effected the longevity of a stain and/or its break up. I
did this with a number of henna powders and repeated it with a number
of terps and then with terpineol and the various henna powders. This
was my play over a long period of time to see for myself what the
results were. In order to see if the terps had any effect on the
longevity of the stains or the way the stains break up what is needed
is the contol group. That in this particular test/play/fun was the
unterped henna paste. That let me know what the henna paste would do
naturally. With each henna powder I made two separate batches of
henna powder at the same time that were identical except that I added
a terp to one. Always the amount of henna powder was the same 2
heaping tablespoons and always the amount of the terp was the
same...20 drops. I also seal and wrap the tests dots on my finger
and leave them on overnight. Scrape off the paste in the morning.
No water to the test spots for 24 hours. Different henna powders had
different rates of demise and styles of demise. What I wanted to see
was, whatever the different rate of demise and style of demise of the
particular henna powder, did the addition of the terp effect that in
some way and if so, how. With each henna powder, the terped stain
demise was more rapid and with most, the break up was a bit faster
and a bit different. So from that, I concluded that the terps did
indeed effect the longevity of the stain and could effect the
appearance of the break up. Across henna powders there remained this
difference in timing between the terped and the unterped henna
powders. So my question was very different from the one you sought
an answer to. My question was does the terp create a change in the
longevity of the stain and what occurs when the stain begins to break
up. And the answer from my observations is yes. I also wanted to
see if using a particular terp, the cajeput, tea tree, ravensara etc.
made a difference. It didn't, the unterped paste stain still lasted
longer than the terped paste stain and the terped paste stain still
broke up differently regardless of the terp in use.

Then by pure accident, another question arose. I was mixing up some
paste to use and was taking the top of the cajeput bottle and a lot
spilled in. Couldn't get it back out so I kept mixing up the paste
and used it. I got a brilliant stain, but its demise was much faster
than usual for that particular henna powder used in a terped paste.
So I wondered if that was across henna powders as well. If I used a
lot of another terp and the same henna powder would I also get the
much faster than usual stain demise and the break up thing. The
answer was yes. So I switched henna powders and used the same two
terps, cajeput and euc. globius. Put too much terps in again. Again
the same results. So from that I am learning...OK, the amount of
terps in the paste effects the rate of demise as well when all other
things are held constant.

So from these I learned that an unterped henna paste has a slower
demise than a terped paste...And that a terped paste with 20 drops of
terps to two heaping tablespoons of henna powder had a slower demise
than a terped paste with lots more terps.

I was not looking for how much. I was looking for the answer
to "what if." What if none...what if some...what if a lot.

The terpineol, as I explained above, did something a bit different.
It required less than the 20 drops to produce the same results.
Similar amounts of my "lots" made the demise of the stain gallop.

Another thing that is different across henna powders is how long they
have to be on in order to get a good stain that will go through a
normal stain life. Some henna powders can give you one in an hour.
But, I have seen henna powders of which that is not true....that if
you leave the paste on for only one hour, the stain never truly
developed and therefore did not last as long as it would have it left
on for 8 hours. Seasonally, you will find the same variance with the
same henna powder because of the weather. A stain left on for 1 hour
around here in mid December is not the same stain I will get if left
on for 1 hour mid July.

I guess one of the things I look for when playing with the henna
powders and the terps is where or not I can generalize what I think I
have learned across a number of henna powders and the results remain
constant. And can I generalize it across terps and the results
remain constant...Will what I believe I have learned remain constant
if I manipulate the time...or another variable. If I keep seeing the
same thing, then I say, "I think I might be on to something."

And then the next week henna humbles me. Because for that entire
week I cannot buy or pray up a henna stain. Because henna stains are
often being effected by factors we cannot control and have no
awareness of at the time. Henna keeps teaching us that we have
neither captured nor controlled her. And at best when we can speak
of what she does we are all talking about what we saw and gleaned
from that observation at a particular point in a polaroid

What I am saying is that I don't know where our separate experiences
intersect. I imagine there is a point at which we were experiencing
something similar happening. And I don't know all of the places and
aspects of where our separate experiences diverge. What I do know
and believe is that what we both experienced and observed will be
experienced and observed by someone else. They are not mutually



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