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Posted by Maureen on August 28, 2002 at 21:25:32:

In reply to: I agree...... posted by Shel on August 28, 2002 at 20:11:50:

(And what it comes across to
: me anyway, is the underlying reason some are getting so worked up
: over these tests) It simply gives folks who buy from them a heads
: that they may want or need to sift what they get from the varying
: suppliers, as well as deal with the occational clog. Something that
: is nice to know ahead of time.

Is it possible that a supplier wants the test to reflect the
characteristics of the henna powder that they sell? Sometimes things
are more basic. If a test represents that this is what is in Kimia
out there. I want it to reflect what is in Kimia out there. I would
want the opportunity to provide the Kimia out there to be tested so
that I can support the findings of the test. No matter what the
results may be...because what is...is. Then that test is useful to
me and my customers and my supplier. That is not an extrordinary
thing to want. And I would think that you would want to know that
the test you are using as an assessment tool reflects accurately what
is available for you to order. If a customer uses the list to get a
heads up regarding what is in Kimia to make a decision whether or not
they have to sift the Kimia they are about to order or just ordered
from me...they will be mislead by the data on that list as it relates
to Kimia.

What you have stated there is the problem with the test as a useful
assessment tool. One is lead to conclude that what they see listed
as in the henna powders is what they will get in that henna powder.
And since it is not true about Kimia there is great potential that it
is not true about other henna powders listed there as well. And it
may be absolutely accurate about some of the other henna powders
listed there. But which one? If you have a yard stick that you are
relying upon to measure with. You want it to measure accurately all
of the time. Not some of the time. If it doesn't, then how useful
is it to you.

Do I think that there is real value in what was being attempted by
the testing and analysis? Yes...no question about it. I simply wish
that it had been controlled more for reliability given the way it
will be used by some people. As is, it simply reflects what was in
henna powders that were obtained over a five year period at that
point in time. I know that it is absolutely accurate if understood
in that way. I also know that it fails in reliability when used to
determine what is in any of the henna powders tested currently. It
was not controlled for that. That would have required requesting the
henna powder in its most current form. If it was not meant to be
current...and it was probably not...then that should be understood.
And sometimes for that to be understood, it must be explicitedly
stated. It is fair in this sort of testing to state ones
assumptions. And one of the assumptions that could have been stated
and would have necessitated no debate on the results would have
been: That due to the changing nature of what is found in henna
powder season to season and supplier to supplier that the information
collected, assessed and listed is not current. Then people would
know not to have that expectation and probably use the information

Take care!



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