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Posted by Anne Beltestad on September 1, 2002 at 19:19:47:

In reply to: Re: different brands/different color of stain? posted by Maureen on September 1, 2002 at 06:37:29:

I admit to not having tried this famous Kimia, but I really don't get
how you can say any particular henna gives any particular color.
there are SO MANY factors involved...chemistry being the BIGGIE as
well as getting the stain wet in the first 24 hours...
At my sister's wedding I saw the very noticeable difference in color
between the henna I did on the groom and that I did on his brother.
Jon, the groom, was very stressed, and his henna on the back of his
hand went brick-colored, what I'd call brownish-red, then darkened at
about thr 48 hour mark. Nick, his brother, who is in much worse shape
physically but was less stressed, got black-cherry on his knuckles and
fingertips, fading to burgundy on the rest of his skin. My sister
Kate, the bride, got very dark black cherry/blackberry on her palm and
more like brick on the back of her hand. This was all with Jamila,
terped with Tea Tree, Geranium, Eucalyptus, and Lavender.
I notice variations in color on myself but they seem to have far far
more to do with chemistry, stress and hormones being the biggies, as
well as how long I leave the paste on and how long I go before getting
it wet.
At the moment I have henna on both palms, Castle Arts from Txilar,
terped with just tea tree. The ethiopian thingie on my right hand is
a nice burgundy-blackberry, though I used no lemon sugar and no wraps,
and I got it wet the next morning. The norse-arabic beastie and vines
on my left hand which I did last night is a nice dark brick.
unfortunately I got it wet today so it may not get that nice blackish.
I really want to make the strong argument, based on many years'
experience, that henna darkness and consequently color have much more
to do with chemistry and application/aftercare than with anything
specific to a particular henna crop. Of course maybe if I tried Kimia
I'd find it to be more red than Kenzi's, Ojai Body Arts, or jamila,
the three hennas I regularly use, but I really doubt it. then again,
my goal is always darkness since I think i have bad henna skin.
Oh yeah - another claim that terped hennas or particular brands stain
better on hard-to-stain parts of the body also doesn't seem to hold up
to my own experience. I just won't stain well on the chest,
regardless of what I do. Why? I have silky, oily skin there. Period.
I can get the darkest black stains on my feet and at the same time
something that looks like a sunburn (or, my mom said, chest hair!) on
any design attempted on my chest. Kree can attest to this.
In conclusion I think there are so many factors involved that it is
impossible, and misleading, to claim any henna or any recipe can
guarantee a particular color or shade. My solution? Tell my clients
to get henna on their hands and feet, because, with proper aftercare,
I CAN guarantee that...



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