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Posted by Maureen on September 1, 2002 at 21:14:48:

In reply to: confused about this posted by Anne Beltestad on September 1, 2002 at 19:19:47:

Hi Anne,

Thanks for sharing your experience with the henna powders that you
have tried.

What I do is the same. I share the experience I have with the henna
powders I have tired. I now have 12 henna powders. I have tried
them all. So I can speak from my experience with each one, which
reacts in a certain way...which provides stains that are redder under
certain conditions...which provides stains that are more brown under
certain conditions...which ones go to near black with terps...which
ones go to near black without terps. As well, which ones provides
the stains that are the darkest...more brown...more whatever on hard
to stain body parts.

I also get feedback from people who have used my henna powders.

What I say about my henna powders is what I have experienced and what
others using them have experience. That is how I can say it. That
is why I say it. I don't understand your question concerning how I
can say it. I have said and continue to say, that the most any of us
can say about any given henna powder is what we observed it to do at
a particular time under particular conditions. But, we certainly do
have a right to speak to that experience. And when others have the
same experience, they speak to it. And when their experience and my
experience is the same often then I say that I experienced it and
others have as well. Kimia has provided me with the red stains in a
way that no other henna powder has. She has a range of reds that she
provides...That has been my experience. And as you said, perhaps if
you had ever tried Kimia, you would say the same.

It may well be that the experience of being able to compare formerly
11 and now 12 henna powders over and over again and getting feed back
from people who have tried them gives me a lot of data to compare.

I realize that you like to tell people to get henna on their hands
and feet. I like to tell people what henna powder of mine to use tht
will provide them with the best results based upon what they have
indicated to me they are after. And given all of the variables that
are out of our control with can one even guarantee stains
on the hands. Enough stress as well as other factors will surely
wipe that guarantee out.

What is certain about henna stains is that there is a degree of
uncertainty. I think people accept that and choose their henna
powder, recipe, process in ways to maximize their chances to get what
they want.

I speak of Kimia, Kezzi 1 & 2, Navaid 1 & 2, Jamila, Malimba Moroccan
and all of the other henna powders I carry because I know
much as any henna powder can be know. You have stated your belief
before that you believe that chemistry is the most important factor.
Henna powders are different. They do different things. That is why
people prefer one over the other. Why on earth would all henna
powders be the same. They come from different type of henna bushes
and henna trees and are grown in different locations under different
conditions. It would seem to me to be obvious that the different
crops produced by those different factors also produces henna powders
that are different in what they do...including the colors they

Kimia acts a bit different than the other henna powders. But you
would not know that. Because when it does come down to the different
colors that people get with Kimia (and other powders of mine), while
it does have to do with things like chemistry and also
has a LOT to do with whether they terped or not...where the paste was long the paste sat after and during dye release. It is
not just chemistry and after care. We do have some things with henna
powder that we can manipulate that effect our outcomes. Adding the
terps is a way we manipulate the outcome. Again, it would depend on
experience. Since I have not had difficulty getting the terps to
nuke stains dark...I don't ponder over that. My question then is
only, of my 12 henna powders, which ones does that job on hard to
stain body parts the best. When someone wants to know. I tell
them. When someone wants to know which of my stains go to brown most
consistently, I tell them.

Guarantees with henna. I can guarantee that she is fickled!!! But
even beeing fickled...there are some things that she likes to do.
And some things one or the other of her henna powders will reveal
more likely than another henna powder



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