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Posted by Nick on September 4, 2002 at 21:21:45:

In reply to: Spellbinding (that's my business name) Henna posted by Sherry on September 4, 2002 at 18:12:36:

: H there,
: I've worked two years as a henna artist and, I tell you, it's taken
: over most of my life...openning new doors and opportunities all the
: time. I agree that while every venue is not the money making one,
: that's what exploration is about...getting your artwork out there,
: educating the masses (next summer I'll definitely have a three fold
: flyer including PPD warnings...less to chat...more tangible)

I'm currently working on my flyers too... They're going to stay
pretty primitive, as i don't have the fsncy software to make anything
of great social and political import.

: I've been a tattoo artist for nearly 12 years. I resisted henna
: it thrust itself upon me at a wedding. I liked it as a medium and
: quickly explored information before I applied it to anyone again
: (there were MANY at that wedding who I left my mark on). This
: I got so busy with henna that I had to turn away all other work
: opportunities until Octoberish!

That's really wonderful that you're so busy. I work at a really
progressive tattoo shop in Boston, and i've been pretty busy all
summer... my boss thinks that now that the students are back in town
(we're literally a stone's throw from Harvard University) that
business will really pick up. I'm not so sure, because fall is the
end of the henna season, but we shall see. If i'm not busy this
winter i will probably begin learning how to tattoo.

: So, now that 9/11 closed my shop...henna has entered my heart. Sure
: it's a drag driving all over the place...and I've learned VALUABLE
: lessons about taking time to SLEEP...but Spirit gave me this
: opportunity to expand and so that's what I'm doing.

What part of the country are you located in? It's a shame that your
shop had to close. I work in a tattoo shop, and we're doing just
fine... i guess it all depends on where you are and who your
clientelle are.

: I only do custom work (with the rare exception of a name)...but I
: dont work deductably. (All that pressure of expectations unnerves
: Rather, I work Inductively, meaning I dont make or have an
: or a plan...I just open the client up, making them comfortable and
: their design emits itself. I find quite frequently I can also read
: the design, like tarot cards in a way, when I'm done. Sure, it's
: draining, but I cant turn away the responsibility of my gift. No, I
: dont read everyfools...just the ones who I feel compelled to tell.
: Interestingly, with my daughter, who is quite NON spiritual right
: now...and my apprentice...I can still often see those very same
: of readable symbols in her work upon completion.

Hmmm, i wish i could work like you, but it doesn't work in my
situation. I rarely do custom work, because my clientelle want what
they want and they want it how they see it AND they want it now! I'll
admit, i don't particularly enjoy doing the same designs in the same
way over and over again, but it's money, and i get to keep hennaing
at least. I think many of them don't realize that i have the ability
to come up with something beautiful that suits them, out of thin air.
I've never "read" a henna design, and i don't feel that my work is
particularly deep or profound. If someone asks me to make up the
design, i just draw what i am in the mood for... i don't try to get
inside their head, because that's not what i'm here for.
On a related note, i have always wondered how my work would be
different if i had had no exposure to the work of other artists or
even design motifs. The designs i use in my work would have come from
me, rather than outside stimuli.

Do you have pictures of your work that you could show us? I'd be very
interested to see the kinds of designs you do.
If you'd like to take a look at my website, the URL is


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