the phenomenon of the fast vanish of the trad. use of henna in turkey

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Posted by Erfan on September 8, 2002 at 07:25:08:

okay guys,I was preparing my notes and books and references to
wright up an another document and yes,I found all my notes on henna
and turkey!

It is funny to see,that young turkish people who grew up in Austria
know more about henna then theire relatives in Istanbul.
It took me a looooooooooong time and muuuuuuuch energy to find out
about the why.
I firsd started to being interested in turkis henna after one of our
friends came back with a PPD he had gotten in Istanbul.It was in the
year 1993.He had gotten a black tribal on his leg-well,uhm at this
point I really didnīt know much about PPD,and thought that it was
I started to sticka round and soon found out that IN
the "modern" "en vouge" turkey,people say that they *never* used
henna.AND if somebody would use henna it would be the
*silly*,*primative* curd people.
Uhm,well,ya sure
Also many of our friends here in Austria are Turk people,we started
to stick around.
MANY of the turkish people who came to austria 50 or 60 years ago as
guest workers,were from the little villages around the cities of
Turkey.They still had theire traditions and theire women still had
theire henna-because they were in a little village and prior to 1984
many villages didnīt even had electricy!This made sense in my eyes
and I made my lil thought:

okay,after the second world war,many guest workers were "ordered"
from turkey and yugoslawia to help austria in making
streets,buildings etc-they were cheap and hard working-no doubt.
Most of them were from the villages of Turkey,which were not under
so much control of ataturk.
Theire wifes still used theire henna,the men still had theire
traditional turkish hats and nobody gave a sh*t abut them,as they
were *Üfar* away from the *modern* city.
They came to Austria and just planned to stay for a year or 2,but
about 95%(profil,1998) stayed in Austria and just 15,8%(standard-
press,1994) married with Austrians.
So 84,2% of the turkish people who stayed in Vienna brought theire
new wifes from the little villages of Turkey.Theire wifes were
strictly Islamic and also used theire henna and were housewifes.Many
of these wifes are not even able to read or speak german-it is not
theire fault,NO it is the cultural shock.
67%(national geographics)of the turkish men didnīt even allow theire
wifes to learn german,as they were afraid that the wifes would stop
to veil themselfs and would start to wear lipstick,etc.
Many of the wifes didnīt even want to learn german,as they thaugth
that it wouldnīt be importend-they had many other turkish people
around and they knew the 911 number-that was enough!

So,austria has a populution of 9,5 million people.
uhm,and of this 9,5 million people we have a minimum of 2,8 million
About 64% of the foreighners in Austria are Turks.So now just add 1
and 1 together:Strong Islamic turkish men live here under
the "islamic" rules and they live near other turkish people-the men
would leave for work at 7am and theire wifes would ahve to take care
of theire kids and would have time to meet theire friends in the
park-going to a park seems to be the favourite hobbies of Turkish
housewifes here in Vienna.
We even have 2 little turkeys here in Vienna and the turkish
populution is growing and growing.

In the same time that austria got more turkish people and won a lot
of traditions and culture-turkey LOST culture and more and more
traditions vanished in Turkey!
So the scissor between culture and "gucci" went bigger and

Now,women still henna in Austria-they are turks who are proud and
they love theire identity!
BUT in Istanbul,f.e you really canīt find any henna.....or are you
looking for PPD??

Hope that lot made sense.....



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