Three Baptist Ministers and Jezebel

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Posted by Maureen on September 9, 2002 at 14:24:15:

In reply to: posted by Catherine Cartwright Jones on September 6, 2002 at 18:19:38:

I had dinner last night with some family members...three of which are
Baptist Ministers. I brought up the subject of this thread and the
conversation got quite interesting to say the least. I brought up
the question of why it was Jezebel's hands, feet and skull that were
not devoured by the dogs.

Of course the conversation took of to why she ended up in hell and it
was the consensus that was due to her lack of penitence for idoltry
primarily, but also for murder. So in the context of that belief
system, it is viewed that Jezebel would not have prepared her hair
and put kohl on her eyes and sat by the window either in preparation
to seduce or in preparation for her own death. But instead, because
she remained in defiance and strong in her own belief system. And
her belief system would make her believe that her God was as powerful
and any other God...that she was prepared to continue in her belief
that her God/Goddess(s) were the most powerful and would therefore
protect her. There is no sense that she was capitulating. She was
true to her own beliefs to the end. Therefore, Jezebel ends up in
hell because she believed in the "wrong God."

Anyway, to the question of why the palms, feet and skull were not
devoured came the answer that it was because of prophecy. But the
prophecy does not say that all but her palms, feet and skull would be
devoured...but instead that she would be devoured. So the prophecy
was fulfilled. Yet that still does not explain why the palms, feet
and skull were not devoured by the dogs.

It does make sense that Jezebel would be a woman who would don
herself in all that she believed would protect her. She was
certainly consistent and true to her own beliefs and practices. So
if henna was something that she used regularly, I can see the lack of
mention that she hennaed her hands, as the application of kohl and
preparing her hair and sitting at the window is mentioned...if her
hands were already hennaed.

Wouldn't it indeed be something to find out that the palms of her
hands, feet and hair were hennaed as a protective piece and that
indeed the henna did protect them from being devoured? That says
something about the fulfillment of the prophecy, but I can't
formulate what it says in my mind right now. Because henna would not
be a religious piece...but would have been a protective piece. And
there is something about having hennaed hands and feet and skull left
behind that speaks still of Jezebels defiance and strength of her
belief and practices inspite of the fulfillment of the prophecy.
Because something she used as protection would have worked...actually
worked despite the prophecy fulfillment.

Anyway, it would indeed be fascinating to know if there could have
been henna on those palms, feet and skull. Raising that possibility
to my minister relatives will get me dragged to the river to be
baptized again...LOL!!! But it would be interesting to get their
take on that possibility and what it means in reference to the



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