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Posted by Maureen on September 14, 2002 at 02:08:12:

In reply to: Thanks and a question... posted by nonn on September 13, 2002 at 19:45:30:

Hi nonn,

Well, welcome to the henna life!!!!

I really know nothing about Mehendi Madness...the powder or the
service. Like you say, it is only 5 minutes away from you. Sounds
like it is close enough to you for you to find out first hand about
both. I practice finding out about all of the services near me that
are similar to what I do or are services I may use. And if you are
going to be using similar products, it would just be useful
information to know what is at your fingertips.

Amy (Castle Arts) has a few henna powders so I am not sure what you
are referring to as Castle Art's henna powder. I know she also has
Jamila, an Indian Powder (Raachini) and probably one more. She might
be the best one to speak of her experiences with her powders. The
consistency of the powder of Kimia and Jamila that I have are too
close for me to call the difference. They mix the same ease and come
out of my applicator bottles with equal ease. The coloring of
unterped Kimia on me is more red on palms and soles and sides of the
feet than Jamila terped or unterped. On the back of the hands and
other body parts Kimia and Jamila can be more similar in appearance.
Jamila and Kimia are different in consistency and very different in
coloring on me than Raachini. And Kimia is the one henna powder that
goes through the most varied range of red colors before settling into
its final peak stain color...It is what I call Kimia's color dance.
Raachini is a more definite brownish red on the palms and soles and
sides of feet...more brown ultimately. But it is a very nice brown.
I have a love for a wide range of the various and possible colors of
the stains that henna powders produce. So if one is looking for a
deep dark sort of oxblood brown on palms, soles and sides of feet,
the Raachini produced that for me consistently. So I would say that
all three are wonderful on palms, soles and sides of feet. Kimia and
Jamila produced much better stains on other body parts for me, than
the Raachini. I used a number of terps with the Raachini and it just
didn't get as dark a stain ultimately or as quickly on the more hard
to stain body parts as either the Kimia or the Jamila with the same
terps. The Raachini I got (not from Castle Arts) required sifting.
But, that accomplished, I found the paste to be really nice and
bouncy and stringy as well. And if applied with a toothpick, no
sifting was required at all. So all three pastes are wonderful to
work with...just that the Raachini needed a bit of help to get there
when using with the applicator bottles and tips.

The way you will best know how these and any of the other henna
powders will work for you will be to try them and a few others to
make your own comparison. Your body temp, the temp or your home and
location, what you choose to add or not add to your paste, if you are
stressed or not, and a lot of other variables that will make your
experience and outcome different from other people's really makes
going on your own adventure necessary. Plus it is fun!!!...And the
only true way for you to know what any given henna powder will do for
you under your particular conditions and specific circumstances. I
think it takes trying out a variety of henna powders and see with
your own eyes the colors that reveal themselves before you. That is
what will give you the palette that you will work from and choose
from when selecting which henna powder you will want to use for a
specific job, purpose, mood or whatever makes one select reds over
browns, chocolate browns over oxblood browns...any one over the

Take care.



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