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Posted by BellaNoir on September 20, 2002 at 07:29:37:

In reply to: Re: My Anniversary Henna Design posted by Maureen on September 20, 2002 at 01:08:16:

And I would love to use this pic and your description of
: the occasion and the significance of the design on my website, if
: would allow that. It is a powerful piece and wonderful example of
: taking assorted pieces from varied sources...henna powder from
: elements and motifs from there...plastic for the cone
: from who would have believed there...and brought them together in a
: truly personal piece. Thanks for sharing your work and process in
: developing this particular piece.

I would be absolutely delighted for you to use it Maureen. You have
been such a wonderful help to me and I'd be very honored for it to be
shown on your site.
Thank to everyone else for the compliements they mean alot to me
coming from this group.
Shaon, hmm guess it depends on how you define newbie lol. I recieved
my first order of henna from Kenzi the end of July so guess that
means I have been doing henna for over a month and a half.

I went to visit my family second weekend of August for two weeks and
during that time the first weekend there we were in Omak where my
folks were doing the Omak Stampede as vendors, they sell native
american and western art prints. I started hennaing my sister next to
their booth and began drawing not only designs but attention too and
people began asking me how much it costs lol(bear in mind at this
time the only people I had hennaed were myself, my best friend, and
my sister). I had my HTJBA and CCJ's free patterns in binders and
threw a "donation" price out there figuring hey if I don't do a
design they think is worth it I'll gladly give the money back and
next thing you know I'm hennaing people for the next 2 hours! I have
a pic of the first three gals I did professionally, a mother and 2
daughters. Next day on Sat when I went back to the fairgrounds my mom
told me she had people stopping by looking for me*grins* and she had
spoken to the director and cleared me to do the henna on donation
basis. I was kept busy for the next 4 hours by wonderful people and I
found I put so much concentration into doing the henna I'd forget
about taking money from folks much to their amusement as they would
remind me " Hey, you would like this wouldn't you?"heh.

My mother urged me to get a vendor space at a one day show they were
doing the next weekend at Manhattan,Mt Potato Days. The thing about
this event is that it's a teeny tiny little town BUT Big Sky Carvers
holds their once a year clearance sale that day. The plan for the
family was my sister/niece/& I in her lil Colt & my folks were taking
the RV for them, my sister, her 2 yr old daughter,and myself to sleep
in. Well half hour out of town the rv breaks down! So my sister takes
dad back to grab the van, we move the trailer onto that and drive the
3 hours to Manhattan. When we get there I slept in the Colt as my
sister got in line. You see this sale is a much anticipated event, so
much so that a line forms at 1 am. I'm not kidding. My mother goes to
this to pick up animal carvings that normally run $89-199 for $25
apiece to sell on e-bay so they can od less shows in the winter. I
was woken up around 5:30 am to stand in line which had now reached
over 2 blocks long and about 600+ people!After that mad dash rush as
a runner for my mom we set up our booths only for me to find...
My dad forgot to pack my chairs in the trailer. All I had for my
booth was my henna supplies,an umbrella(thank god) a folding squat
lil wooden stool, a wooden tv dinner tray to set my design book on
and lean my sign against(I chose the name Wishful Inking), and a cot
rofl. I laid a large belly dancing scarf I had with me over my cot
and overheard one vendor gal who I think was selling cookbooks for
the local PTA say "I don't know what that booth is I think it's
massage". AS people started filtering by I offered a "pretty gurl" a
butterfly which she loved and it brought more people around til I had
a steady stream of folks watching and wanting henna done. I had a
blast doing it, my dad teased me about cornering the 12 and under
market lots of kids, and did more butterflies and flowers than you
can shake a stick at lol.
My only downside was that I didn't move my sunburn and being the
Seattlite(read ghostly pale) I am got a ferocious sunburn, compounded
by later my forearms OH MAN OUCH I was hurting soo bad I couldn't
sleep. It felt like the sunburn had gone down to the bone or
something from the ache in my muscles there from having my arms up
like that for hours doing henna. Has that happened to any of you? It
doest sucketh muchly^^

I'm sorry this was so long but I've been meaning to share different
parts of this here for awhile and now seemed as good a time as any
lol. Thank you Shaon again(I really love your work too!) and after
reading that I'll let you make the call on if I am a newbie or not -
1 1/2 months doing the henna or the experience I've gained in that
time. I know I have developed in that time a complete obsession,
seeing patterns everywhere, reading this forum daily, just having it
on my mind alot I really do love the possibilities and history
involved. Again my thanks to all here who have fueled this passion
and answered so many things for me without knowing it. CCJ especially
thank you for making all the books of TDL available to us, everything
I've ordered I've absolutely loved.
*and a aside to CCJ - does Erfans Hennaria come in e-book form?


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