For really nice nail henna i've found that terped won't cut it.

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Posted by Nick on October 1, 2002 at 20:30:27:

In reply to: First time with nail henna posted by Kelly M. on October 1, 2002 at 14:15:37:

Yes, all the things you described are common with terped nail henna.
I've hennaed my nails many times, and i kind of have a method for
getting good results. On my feet, i usually try to keep the soles
hennaed solidly all year, especially in winter, and i do my nails with
the soles, which is very convenient. Method as follows-

Use a good skin quality henna, mixed with lemon juice. Sometimes i use
some pleasant EO's, like peppermint and terpless eucalyptus, but no
terps. Sugar is not necesary, so use it to your discretion. Orange
blossom water (Moroccan, of course) is divine!
Apply the henna to the sole/toes in the desired pattern- i usually
just do the sole solidly, making a border around the foot when it's
seen from the side, and covering the ends of the toes. Don't go crazy
making it perfect... it's going to be a little messy. I like to spread
the paste on with a long handled iced tea spoon. It can also help to
put a lot of paste between your toes and where they bend, as this
keeps the toes more comfortable later.
About 15 minutes after you've applied the paste, wrap it with at least
4-5 layers of TP. Wrap losely and comfortably, but not loose enough
that it slides around. Remember that your foot will have to stay like
this all night. The first layer shoud stick in the wet henna. After
that, wrap with plastic. Do not wrap too tightly!! It might feel ok at
first, but eventually your foot will fall asleep. I always try to wrap
loser than what feels snug, because it's bound to become uncomfortable
if you don't. You may wish to put a big stretchy sock over each foot-
i find that it really helps keep the whole thing together.
Now go to sleep. Don't even try to walk on your feet, the henna will
sqwoosh out of place badly.
In the morning, unwrap everything and hoist each foot into the sink to
rinse it. The stain should be even, and the paste should still be wet
or damp when you unwrap.
The more you repeat this, the deeper and more even thecolor will be,
and the fade down will also be more even.

: I figured I had to give it a shot at some point. I really want to do
: finger tip dips but I'm testing it all out on my toes first. Socks
: are easier than gloves.
: I dipped my right toes in terped henna paste and waited. I'm sorry
: say I'm disappointed. I wasn't expecting nail polish-like results
: I was expecting something a lot more even. Thanks to an earlier post
: I now understand why it's darker at the base than at the top. I will
: definitely try soaking my foot in warm water next time.
: The other problem I seem to be having with the stain is an even more
: uneven stain with the grain of the nail itself. The nail seems to
: have natural ridges and some parts of the ridges are staining darker
: than others. I was wondering if giving the nails a good buffing to
: smooth over the surface would help any?
: It's been two days and I can already see the tiny bit of new nail at
: the base. I didn't think about how odd it would look to have a half
: hennaed nail. I'm assuming only a deep color would work well, but
: anyone tried covering hennaed nails with regular nail po


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